Currently….in February

Obsessing over: my skin. I am really getting my skincare routine down! I have alwasy been a bit lazy with looking after my skin, but so far this year I have been on my best behaviour!

Working on: my blog schedule. I printed myself off a blank calendar and I am writing in when and what I want to post. I know I could do it on my computer but having something to physically cross off is really helpful.

Thinking about: work. Work is constantly at the fore front of my mind at the moment. I have a certain young person that I am working really hard for and I am getting so much back from her. I really do love my job. It is so rewarding.

Anticipating: decorating our flat. We went to the mortgage advisor last month and realising that we need an extra £15k, means that we are staying here for another 18 months or so. I have the paint (magnolia….yep…repainting over the magnolia just to freshen it up) and I bought more storage solutions meaning that I am much happier with our living arrangements at the moment!

Listening to: P’s new obsession…. he loves this track. You need to watch some of the stuff they have done with Justin Timberlake too. So funny. I love when Celebs really don’t take themselves seriously.

Eating: better. I am trying hard to balance my diet. I can’t do the sugar-free, no actual food diets. I love cake too much. I am just trying hard to make sure i eat some fruit inbetween biscuits.

Drinking: lots of water. My NYR is still going strong. My skin does look much better for the pints of water I am throwing down my throat. The only problem is now that I am waking P up on my 4am trips to the toilet! Am having to ban myself from liquids after 9.30 every night to ensure I sleep the night through.

Wishing: for a body that shops make clothes for. It is coming up to wedding season soon. I need 3 frocks already this year, 2 for weddings in the Uk and a full evening gown for a wedding abroad. Couple my long body with long legs and a small waist and large rear combo, most frocks just don’t fit me. I am already beginning the hunt, 3 months before the first event!

What are you guys currently up to? I’d love to know!


5 responses to “Currently….in February

  1. I have THE perfect thing for you. The dress is called Dessy Twist Wrap Dress(don’t be fooled by the name). It’s one dress than can be worn about 15 ways! They do it in so many different colours and they’re made from jersey so super comfy and easy to wash. They cost about $144 (£90ish) but if you’re going to three weddings that’s about £30 per outfit! I’m sure they’ll ship to the UK and voilá! For future reference they will make excellent bridesmaids dresses 🙂 They are blow knee length on normal people or they do a floor lenth one.

    There’s a little How To Wear PDF that explains everything.

    See, I’m being thrifty!


  2. Sounds like you’re having a busy February! I too am trying to mix real food in amongst eating biscuits, but when it’s this cold outside it’s hard to resist them. Enjoy decorating your flat, I’ve done a bit to mine but need to start some painting. Bright colours is just what the doctor ordered for this time of year x

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