What I Wore – Swishing

This is the outfit I wore Swishing last weekend. Despite the shorts making me look like I have a baggy lady front (I don’t BTW, they aere just twisted from my leggings…honest!) I really liked this outfit. The jumper is one my grandma bought me from Per Una (posh eh?) when we were out on a shopping trip. It feels so expensive (plus it is shiny!) and I love wearing it. It just snags so easily that I try to be super careful when I wear it.

This is how I rocked it for the outside. I love my New Look pleather jacket and my vintage table-sized scarf! I was totally cosy warm (bar my little bare feet of course!).

It is starting to be that horrible time of year when I am bored to death of my Snow Boots! Anyone else find that they cling to one item all winter?


2 responses to “What I Wore – Swishing

  1. I’ve been wearing my Uggs non stop. Plus I left my favourite brown winter boots at a certain shoe feind’s house (will I EVER see them again?) Loving the jumper, it looks schmexy with your scarf. Also, can I put in a request for some ginger nut biscuits soon please Pie John, I’m going through a phase. Love your face. Lx

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