Sunday Saviours #32

A bit late on posting tonight, but I am very excited because I am off to see my girls tomorrow morning! Eek!

P and I are postponing valentines until Wednesday, as it very rare for me to have all my lovely ladies in one place at one time. So things should be a little quiet here till Thursday!

So here are a few links!

I love the pebbles and bambam Valentines on this page.

There really are some ideas to steal here!

The idea behind my new tattoo design.

I love these…they used to do a Calamity Jane one that said ‘I figure if a girl wants to be a legend she should just go ahead and be one’… I love them.

I really enjoy how photos capture moments of pure excitement.

I need this treehouse in my life.

And as always…anything with a mustache makes me happy.


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