DVD storage – or – How to calm your control freak girlfriend

P is very good at keeping the lid on his control freak girlfriend. After realising we would not be buying a nest of our own for at least another 18 months, P took me on a little trip to Ikea to quell my worries and to try and make me feel better about being in our rented flat for a while longer.

We have a ridiculous amount of DVDs and they were starting to dominate our living space, so we decided that it was time to take action.

We bought 24 of these bad boys (well, 12 packs of 2) and I began the big DVD reorganise!

Our DVD’s are now tidied away into categories (Yes, we have a whole box labelled Arnie… P loves Schwarzenegger) and I feel so much better about our living room for it! We still have some of our collection on show, but just losing the majority of the coloured spine covers has made our room look so much bigger!

Does anyone else get serious satisfaction from things being tidy and organised? Please say it isn’t just me!


16 responses to “DVD storage – or – How to calm your control freak girlfriend

  1. I also love organizing! And Ikea!

  2. Hahaha, omg, Bex! I can just imagine you with your labeling getting your groove on, well done you! 😀

    Ps, I did the exact same thing to my boyf cd´s, only the boxes are green, haha. 🙂

  3. Tidy and organised is better than sex. Unless the sex is particularly tidy and organised.

    I am also going to start a religion about Ikea, and go on pilgrimages to Croydon to buy those clippy-top jars. Our version of bread and wine will be those neon green cakes and free-refill soft drinks.

  4. my boyfriend would be drooling over this… great job!


  5. Wow you have a lot of DVD’s! Since moving I’ve put all mine up in the loft as I watch most things online or through the Tivo box. Yours look great in all the boxes, so nice and tidy.

    • In the LOFT?! Blimey!
      We have over 350 dvds so some sort of orgainising was required. We spend so much time watching movies! We watch a lot less of our series now we have the BT Vision box though.

  6. I am an organized freak! You are definitely NOT alone. We actually just finished reorganizing a bunch of our DVDs also. We both hated the idea of binders so for his birthday we had his parents get us an organization system. We kept all the special edition box sets for movies and tv shows and the rest of them got removed and thrown into really awesome plastic slides that show the video cover. We fit about 300 movies into the space of 3 of your boxes. It was incredible. Sad part is… we really didn’t save that much shelve space. Our book purchasing addiction will fill it up faster than we know!

    His mom always jokes that we should learn to use a library because we can return them and not haul them around from house to house when we move but we just LOVE owning books to cover the walls in our house. Something about “living” in our personal library is so cool!

    Ahh… I wrote a book. Sorry! haha


    • My stepmum does a book binder thingy for all their DVDs. P would never let me get rid of his cases! 😀
      I am such a book fiend, I love having MY books . I don’t want to share them, like you I want to line my walls with them (possibly due to that library scene in Beauty and the Beast)…. I do borrow some from the library lady that pops into work for the kids, but that is only because she comes to me! 😀

  7. Wow I am super impressed with your organization skills. I like to think I’m tidy until I see people in the world who do it so much better. Way to go!

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