Sunday Saviours #33


It is gorgeously sunny today here at the Nest, which makes me want to throw open the windows and get some fresh air in this place. This week has been half term for me and I spent 2 and a half days of it with my gorgeous girlfriends. P was very good and let me spend my Valentines with them, so for once we were all together.

We did a late sort of not Valentines day on Wednesday, where P cooked us Steak and we exchanged a list of 5 things that we love about each other. We don’t really celebrate Valentines, but it is nice to have a reminder to do something to help you as a couple. Next year, I might suggest our 5 highlights of the year as a couple. I enjoyed seeing the things that P loves about me so I can make sure I don’t push those things aside… one of his was my cooking… so on Friday I didn’t disappoint.

3 different types of cake occurred on Friday, as I baked up a storm whilst watching mass amounts of Disney. I am truly working through the back catalogue!

Yesterday, we had people over for dinner. It was my favourite kind of gathering, where people grab a dish, pile it up and try to find a seat. I really do enjoy having people round and feeding them…what can I say? I’m a feeder.

So that was my week! How was yours? Let me know after you’ve looked at some links!

I so want to make this blanket! It looks so cosy and warm. Perfect for the sofa.

Anybody else think that this soft toy storage is too cute?

I may have been tattooed a little bit on Monday…. so seeing these made me smile.

I made these on Friday (with a small recipe tweak), which were heartily eaten by all yesterday, with some actually begging for the recipe….here it is!

A Thrifty Mrs is truly a new favourite, I got lost on her blog for hours reading all her back posts!

With my wardrobe and floor and dressing table all littered with shoes…maybe I should make these?

I think these would be great stuffed with some yummy smelling stuff to make your drawers smell nice.

I have P saving coffee grounds to make this scrub I saw on Amy’s blog.

I loved this post on Kate’s blog about hobbies and how important they are.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!


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