Sunday Saviours #34

Hello you gorgeous lot!

This week, I’ve been back at work after half term, complete with new ink. The kids noticed within 20 minutes on Monday morning, but most of colleagues didn’t notice till Friday. 😀 Children honestly see EVERYTHING, even if you try to hide the tattoo on your wrist. I like challenging their perceptions of people, and the fact I had gotten a new tattoo sparked a conversation with staff and children, who were shocked to hear who else had them!

Today, we went to our annual ‘First Barbecue of the Year’, a tradition that we have started with our friends. The last weekend in February, no matter the weather, is barbecue weekend. Last year, it rained and we left Tom out in the wet, but this year it was glorious sunshine, and it was actual bearably warm for a while. Hopefully we’ll have some piccies to show you later this week.

Now I’m home, in my jammies (we have to do the ceremonious ‘strip off and stuff in the washing machine’ when we get back from our feline owning friend’s house  – P is highly allergic) sat in fron of the tube with my feet up. Bliss.

So here are the links!

These look seriously yummy, and P would love them because they are bunny shaped.

I need all the help I can get for my holiday in August! Or maybe just a weekend away!

I LOVE Sophie’s skirt!

My new tattoo is based on a small Disney doodle, which reminds me to ask for help when I need it. I would love this necklace to add to my Disney craziness.

I saw this on Lori’s blog and I just fell in love with it. Somebody get me a wall outside!

I feel applause is required for the gorgeous Thrifty Mrs this week.

Bekuh (said like Becca) over at Secondhand Sundays just wrote everything my brain was thinking.

Can anyone translate this? Is it just gobbledy gook?

But the best thing about my Sunday? P has just handed me a cold roast beef and horseradish sandwich…HEAVEN.

Have a good evening all!


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