5 weird things I do…

We all have those things we do that make others look twice, whilst we are totally oblivious. Be they phrases that have grown from a personal joke or a noise you make to show affection, our ‘weird’ things make us unique and I think they deserve celebrating.

Here are 5 things I do that are pretty strange….I hope you will share yours too…don’t leave me hanging!

#1 Random kissing noises to show affection

P is slaving away in the cave working (or watching Star Trek whilst battling 12 years olds on online games) and I’m in the kitchen or on the sofa making/blogging, completely focussed on our own tasks, but one of us will send a big smacking kiss noise to the other, to replied to by another big kiss noise.

Our little sign of affection to remind each other that we haven’t forgotten that the other exists.

#2 Leaving oven door open after I cook

This one stems from when I lived at university. Too tight to put on the heating, once I had cooked a meal I would leave the oven door open to help heat the room. This in the past has become an irritant for others who did not have to patience to ask questions, but thankfully P understands all aspects of my crazy. And our flat is always warm.

#3 Wiping my hands constantly between crisps/popcorn/chips

This something that has stemmed from childhood. I don’t like having dirty hands, so if I feel grains of salt or smears of butter on my fingers I just automatically wipe them on whatever is around. My girls accept that I cover myself in napkins when we eat out and P has learnt to hand me a set of chopsticks whilst we watch a film with popcorn whichstops me wiping half of it down the right leg of my trousers/skirt and looking like a complete trogg.

#4 Teeth

*Rolls top lip back and bares teeth in a bucktooth fashion*

This started off in my group of girls, as a tease to our gorgeous friend Luci who has the loveliest gnashers in the land, but now it has evolved into a sign of excitement between us all. When we get a good bargain on shoes, the teeth come out. When I type a text to one of them, the teeth come out. As we trogg between bars on a night out, the teeth are out. I often wonder what people in the street think when they see us licking our teeth…. then I remember I don’t care!

#5 I drink black tea.

It’s not normal apparently, but I don’t take milk in my tea. DON’T DILUTE MY TEA!

Right…fellow weirdos….share!


10 responses to “5 weird things I do…

  1. I love your teeth comment! I got the best image in my mind as I read that! Me & my mates have hand/face signals to show what level of drunk-ness we’re at. I also LOVE dunking McD’s chips in my choc milkshake! Yum x

    • I have to say that the Teeth one is a big one that we ALL slip into without realising! The general public think we are some sort of medical experiment! Thanks for stopping in! 😀

  2. hahahahaha cute …. loved this posts and I do the same when I eat chips!


  3. Haha, Tom and I do the same ridiculously-loud-kissing noises from opposite ends of the house.

    I have a sneaking suspicious that I’m completely oblivious to some of my weird things, but off the top of my head-

    1. Making happy “hmmmm” noises when I’m content. I know I get that one from my Mum. A bit like a happy cat.

    2. I don’t like using a knife when I eat. The only time I use one is when I’m trying to impress the in-laws. Pretty sure they’ve realised by now though that I am far from lady-like.

    3. When I’m walking along deep in thought, coming up with imaginary scenarios (e.g. of how Hugh Jackman might be driving along in front of our house and break down and have to take his top off to fix the car… Sorry, Tom) I suddenly realise I’m pulling the happy/sad/scared face to go along with my thoughts. People must think I am a very strange fish.


    • Your number three just reminded me that I play out conversations before they happen…out loud….as I wander round town…by myself.
      People often point and stare.
      Strange fishes have all the fun.


  4. #2 & #5 same here! Tottaly not weird! 🙂

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