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This week I have been MIA.

How I wish it had been in the style of Madame Adelaide Bonfamille and her gorgeous felines, enjoying sweet piano forte on the gramaphone.

In reality, I have spent my week on edge, in tears and clock watching.

Thank goodness for the Easter holidays. I have two weeks off, and some time to myself, as well as my shop opening on the 10th.

Expect lots of posts, tweets and whatnot, as I get to relax and switch off…..and hunt down my gramaphone.


5 things that are true

I am all about honesty…yaaaay honesty. I know we are supposed to all be socially adept and correct, but sometimes we just need to be told the truth.

I try to be as honest as I can with the young people I work with, and it has its benefits and downfalls. A benefit is that the teenagers I work with have no qualms about asking me about puberty, sex or relationships, they know I will give them an honest and sometimes brutal answer. A downfall is that they often aren’t ready to hear the truth as bluntly as I put it about the choices they have made in their short lives.

Today, thankfully, was a benefits day.

So in celebration, I have decided to just tell you 5 things that are true about me.

Highly irrational and actually crazy. I won’t go in the sea any deeper than 3 ft, yes, even in England, because someone told me once that they can get you after that.

Last Halloween, I made P watch brutal horror films, which I love and he hates. As  revenge, I then had to sit and watch a shark documentary with him. I managed it, but there was a lot of cushion-in-front-of-face action.

I am a little obsessed with tea-drinking-recepticles. I love a good mug. Whenever we go out, I am bound to see a good one that I want. I have so many favourites, that I couldn’t possibly pick one.

The fact is, we now have so many mugs that I have begun using them for other things….herb growing, pencil pots…

Our cupboard is actually overflowing and I can’t stop buying them……..

Slippers and a dressing gown in the middle of summer? Yep, that’s me.

I have really low blood pressure and that means that my hands and feet are ALWAYS cold.

P sees it as a blessing really, when he is ill or needing an icepack, I just have to touch him.


I must say that I came to tea late in life. I was 21 before I realised how much I liked tea, before that in fact, I hated it. After some ‘Uni experimentation’ (read trying lots of different teas and nothing kinky) I discovered it wasn’t the tea I didn’t like. It was the cow juice. Since then I’ve tried any kind of tea, and normally I’m a huge fan, as long as the cows haven’t got there first!

Currently in our cupboards we have (in most drunk to least drunk order): Earl Grey, Chamomile, Chai, Peppermint, English Breakfast and PG Tips (labelled Builder Tea).

I have to repeat it because it is true. I love growing stuff. I have never had a garden of my own, but that hasn’t stopped me. My windowsills are full of greenery.

I love the satisfaction of growing my own herbs and salad leaves indoors, and just yesterday I planted some chillies. Very excited to see my little seedlings….

Yeah…I know….I need to get a life.

But how can this not make you smile?

Dare to share any truths about yourselves? Whadda’ya think the comment box is for eh? Go for it!

Sunday Saviours #37

Well…it has been bloomin’ glorious weather here at the Nest and all I have been able to do is dream about sitting in the sunshine in my very own garden.

So having a garden leads to thinking about saving for a house, which leads to thinking about money, which leads me to thinking about spending NO MONEY WHATSOEVER.

So here are my Sunday Saviours – garden ideas and money saving hints.

I love this hanging vertical garden, and it is made from recycled things…MY FAVOURITE!

Martha Stweart may be loaded but she knows what she is talking about when it comes to saving money.

I want this in my garden….so cute

I love A Thrifty Mrs, you should to…she knows her onions about saving a few bob.

I don’t care if our garden is tiny…I will make space for wonderful things

I saw this FIT teatowel yesterday on our day out at a National Trust…and now I want it…to frame it….yes…I love Tea Towels… I seriously have a tea towel obsession….

Make saving money a game…and you’ll save more than you think.

Hope you are all having a gorgeous sunday!

Making It ~ Lost, Found, ReMade

Today I have lovely ladies, Siobhan and Yasmin from Lost, Found, ReMade sharing their gorgeous homegrown business (a business I wish I had though of first!) and lots of lovely advice. I would be green with envy if they weren’t so bloomin’ fab.

Why and when did you first decide to open a shop?

We are Yasmin and Siobhan, two vintage lovers with nimble fingers and an eye for detail that has led to a growing collection of handmade and vintage items in our homes (especially our wardrobes!) We used to spend weekends trawling second-hand shops and markets looking for one-off vintage pieces to transform and then about 8 months ago we set up Lost, Found, ReMade.

 We decided to set up our own venture, combining our passions for vintage and crafting to create Lost, Found, ReMade. We wanted to create items that gave a new lease of life to beautiful, but sometimes overlooked, vintage homeware. We’re used to crafting too and love being able to create something new from treasures we’ve found at vintage flea markets, secondhand shops or on our travels.

Both our candles and cake stands are created from carefully-selected vintage crockery, combining different eras and styles – everything from the roaring 20s and the stylish 50s to the bold and vibrant designs of 60s and 70s. We’ve even got a few early 80s Dynasty-style treasures too! There’s something for everyone.

The teacup candles look simple but actually there’s a lot more in those cups! Siobhan used to make candles, which were lovely but we wanted to give it a shot with soy wax as this the most eco-friendly option.  And it’s not just a candle – when all the wax has gone, all you need to do is wash it out and you’ve got a beautiful new cup that’s ready to use, so all you need to do is put the kettle on!

Each of our cakestands is unique. Not only do we spent hours hunting for excellent quality, often designer, vintage plates, but we also take great care to matching up our finds to create elegant one-off pieces. We sell a range of one, two and three tier cakestands.

 You can customise your cakestand when you choose your favourite fitting. We use metal fittings for our cakestands as these add a touch of elegance whilst also having the added bonus of being easier to clean and put away than cakes stands made with glasses in between the plates.

And they’re not just for cakes… you can also use them for savoury treats or as an alternative to a fruit bowl. Some of our smaller cakestands make great jewellery stands too – try hanging earrings off the edge of the top tier plates.  

As well as candles and cake stands, we also sell vintage homeware, specialising in vintage designer items. We’ve got some great iconic pieces including a Portmeirion ‘Totem’ dinner set, a selection of items from the Hornsea ‘Saffron’ range and J&G Meakin ‘Tulip Time’ full dinner set. We also love quirky vintage items too and have a selection of teapots, 70s glassware and other one-off pieces.

Where did you first decide to start selling your products, and why did you decide on that method?

We like selling at markets because it’s always great to chat to people who are interested in our products, people love hearing about how we’ve crafted the candles and cake stands and want to know more about the how we’ve selected each plate or cup.

 We launched our Facebook early on as it’s a great way for people to ask questions and browse our collection. We’ve found that they will get in touch if they spot something they’d like to buy.

One of the most attractive elements of Lost, Found, ReMade is that we’re flexible and will tailor our products to suit the buyer’s taste. We’re happy to change the way we’ve put plates together if that’s what you want, and we also take commissions too, where we take a specific order and then hunt out the china for that piece to create a bespoke item for that buyer. Email us if you’d like to order a bespoke item.

We’re looking into selling online and have begun to set up an Etsy shop. Here’s a little taster of what’s to come, keep checking back for more creative additions for sale here soon!

 We’re also starting to offer some of our pieces for hire, specifically looking at wedding hire at the moment. Still all on a small-scale at the moment for friends and family but we may look to do more of this if it proves popular.

Where do you find that most of your buyers hear about you?

Because people have seen what we’re doing on social media and chatted to us in person at markets, they can see that we know what we’re talking about and that we really do create beautiful pieces. Word of mouth has worked well for us – people really do spread the word if they see something they like. Twitter has helped us out with this, giving us a way to reach more people who will be interested in Lost, Found, ReMade, as well as giving us the chance to find like-minded crafters to learn from and chat with.

What do you enjoy most about running your own shop?

Seeing the whole creative process from start to finish is brilliant; we love hunting out the best items, imagining the most creative the way of putting them together and then actually crafting them into this vision. Nothing beats creating something that you’ve designed and then handmade.

What is the least enjoyable thing?

That’s a hard question because we both really enjoy our vintage venture! It’s a great break from our day jobs and, as well as making products to sell, we love crafting itself.

What is your favourite item that you have in your shop right now?

Yasmin loves bright colours and a quirky take on floral prints so her favourite creations have been the Springtime cakestand and the Colclough candles. Her favourite vintage items are the Meakin Tulip Time dinner set .

Siobhan loves bold colours, especially orange, and big floral designs like our Orange Flowers 3 tier. Her favourite candle is the Alton Wellington 1930s teacup candle because of the delicate china and ornate design. Her favourite vintage items are the Hornsea Fleur plates.

 We are both massive fans of the 70s Avocado pair/pear!

Is there anything you would do differently if you started the whole process again?

We’ve learnt a lot along the way, especially when going to markets. For our first stall, we brought big boxes full of stock and it was too much to carry and store under our table. Now, we’re much more compact, carefully selecting the items that would suit that market. Wheelie suitcases have also become our friends!

 Do you have any advice for those following in your footsteps?

Be selective. It’s tempting to try and sell at every market that comes up but make sure you do plenty of research. We check out our markets before booking to make sure they’re right for us, and also choose markets that will promote the event and make an effort in creating the right atmosphere.

One other piece of advice we’d give is not to stray from you want. We started out with a vision to only create high quality pieces using the best and most beautiful vintage items that we could find. As we became more popular, it would’ve been easy to start using lower quality items to satisfy demand, but this wouldn’t have been what we’d envisioned for Lost, Found, ReMade.


And if you have any other questions for Yasmin and Siobhan, you can get in contact by email too.

They are so approachable and friendly, don’t be shy!


My little shop now has a Facebook page….
It must mean it is really going live on the 10th of April…no going back now!
I am so so terrified….

Please pop over and have a little looksie at just a few bits and bobs that I have had time to photograph…there is loads more to come!

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5 ways to jump out of bed in the morning…

The same routine happens in our house every morning. I spring out of bed (normally not so pleased about doing so) and P languishes in the warm duvet, until I finally have to wake him so he gets up to work when I exit the house.

Here are 5 ways to kick yourself out of bed, if you aren’t a morning person…and lets be honest…we all have those days…

There is nothing like knowing I have an epic breakfast in store for making me jump off my mattress. My favourite workday breakfast has to be a granola slice washed down with an orange and passionfruit smoothie. Just try and KEEP me in bed when I know I have that to guzzle!

If I know that I get to pull this beauty on, I am out of my jammies quicker than you can say, ‘Lions and tigers and bears…Oh my!’

I always plan my outfits for the next day before I go to bed, because if I didn’t I would never get out of the door in time, so when I lay something I know I will feel good in the next day gives me a boost.

It is an easy one, but one some of us overlook. Our lives are so busy that some of us don’t get enough sleep.

How on earth are you meant to jump out of bed if you are still too tired?

At least one night a week, snuggle up early and get a good 40 winks.

Now, if I know I am off to see my gorgeous friends, or if I have something nice planned later in the day, it doesn’t half make things easier to wriggle out from under the duvet.

How about planning to have a nice relaxing bath in the evening, or planning to call your girlfriends for a phone date? Even planning a super yummy dinner has got me out of my pit.

I have never understood the snooze button. I have never used one. As soon as that alarm goes, I swing my legs out of bed, because I know I love the warmth of my bed and I am too weak to resist it.

I find the best way to get out of bed, is to actually GET OUT OF BED.

Got any hints and tips that you find useful? Pop them in a comment below! xxx