Currently…in March

Obsessing over: being a wife-to-be. I honestly can’t stop staring at my finger! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life who accepts all the bad parts of me as well as the good.

Working on: my online shop opening! I am so scared about this new venture. What if nobody wants what I’m making? I’ll just have a load of stock sat in a box gathering dust and I’ll feel like a total failure. If anyone has ANY advice, please leave me a comment! 😀

Thinking about: organising. Whenever I get a little scared or frightened, I organise. It is my aspect of controlling behaviour that makes me feel safe. When my house is clean, my mind is clean.

Anticipating: 2 weeks in South America. P’s brother and wife-to-be are having two weddings, the second being over with her family in Columbia in August. We have bought our plane tickets and we are holidaying for 2 weeks. I am so excited. I haven’t ever been out of Europe and I cannot wait to see some amazing things

Listening to: silence. I have been trying really hard recently to do things without a constant TV babble in the background, and this weekend I have succeeded. I turned off the TV and delved into The Hunger Games. P had to come and check on me several times because I was so quiet. I actually feel refreshed from the lack of audio!

Eating: bacon joints. I love them. So salty and porky. YUM

Drinking: Tea. As I sit and write this, my gorgeous husband-to-be (it makes you sick how loved up we are right now) is at big hoighty toighty meeting with his bosses, miles and miles away, meaning he is not home tonight. I am treating myself to an entire evening of tea drinking to soften that blow.

Wishing: for a travel transporter. I miss my girls so much. I just wish I could click my fingers and be where they are, chatting, giggling and generally being crass over tea/gin and biscuits.


4 responses to “Currently…in March

  1. Ah I miss you too! But I’ll see you next week, you can show me everything you’ve been busily making 🙂

  2. This list is great! So fun. I’m a tea addict, so tea is appropriate in every situation. 🙂
    And traveling to South America! How fun!

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