Sunday Saviours #35 – Engagement Edition w/ Engagement Shoot Pics (image heavy)

This week has been a bit of a mad race to Friday. I have been wearing my new shiny finger bauble from the HTB (husband-to-be) and I think I have gotten pulled into some sort of time/space warp whilst staring at it. We did our very own at home engagement shoot on Friday, and above are some of the shots that I really liked.

People have been asking when, where and what we are doing for our spousing ceremony, but we aren’t really deciding on anything till after we come back from Columbia in August, after the brother-in-law and his WTB’s wedding.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t hit up the interent looking for ALL the things I’d like to have…I have ages to make up my mind then! 😀


This post is all wedding related. Feel free to move on (or stay and click on EVERYTHING!)

Thinking of making these for the event. I love the idea of using music from our favourite songs.

I love these invites. We’d probably change Bangers & Mash to Bacon & Cheese…

I think I’ve linked this before…but wedding bingo? COME ON!

I love Andrea’s blog post on all the DIY she did for her wedding. I adore her No Assigned Seating sign!

I will be making one of these. Imagine what amazing advice you might get!

I am going to have to wear flats on my Big Day, but how cute would these be on the front?

I don’t know if we will have many little ones at our event, but if we do…I am making some of these!

P would love this


10 responses to “Sunday Saviours #35 – Engagement Edition w/ Engagement Shoot Pics (image heavy)

  1. Congratulations on your engagement. I hope you and The Bloke will be very happy.

  2. Jennifer-Ashley

    Love the invite idea! So cute! How exciting!!! 😀 have fun creating, planning and making!!

    Jen xxxx

  3. Those shoe clips are adorable- remind me of the bit in P.S. I love you where she puts his braces clip on her shoe and has a career brainwave 🙂

    I love the use of the speech-bubble in the picture above. And the wedding cross-words are BRILLIANT.

    Please write many more posts like this so I have a legitimate excuse to be looking at weddingy things :p x

    • I promise to totally keep your wedding addiction legitimatly filled! 😀
      I loved using our speech bubbles, it really took no time to do!
      I am well up for wedding bingo! I will be making all of my own stuff and putting up DIYs! x

  4. congratulations!!! 🙂 happy happy… love the heart garland!


  5. AH! my comment deleted!

    anyhow – congrats! i was going to say how i love the heart clips – i did glittered ” i do” stickers on the bottoms of my shoes that i loved. and enjoy wedding planning – i loved doing mine and still enjoy it. it can be tough though!

    and i love the beyonce joke

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