5 ways to jump out of bed in the morning…

The same routine happens in our house every morning. I spring out of bed (normally not so pleased about doing so) and P languishes in the warm duvet, until I finally have to wake him so he gets up to work when I exit the house.

Here are 5 ways to kick yourself out of bed, if you aren’t a morning person…and lets be honest…we all have those days…

There is nothing like knowing I have an epic breakfast in store for making me jump off my mattress. My favourite workday breakfast has to be a granola slice washed down with an orange and passionfruit smoothie. Just try and KEEP me in bed when I know I have that to guzzle!

If I know that I get to pull this beauty on, I am out of my jammies quicker than you can say, ‘Lions and tigers and bears…Oh my!’

I always plan my outfits for the next day before I go to bed, because if I didn’t I would never get out of the door in time, so when I lay something I know I will feel good in the next day gives me a boost.

It is an easy one, but one some of us overlook. Our lives are so busy that some of us don’t get enough sleep.

How on earth are you meant to jump out of bed if you are still too tired?

At least one night a week, snuggle up early and get a good 40 winks.

Now, if I know I am off to see my gorgeous friends, or if I have something nice planned later in the day, it doesn’t half make things easier to wriggle out from under the duvet.

How about planning to have a nice relaxing bath in the evening, or planning to call your girlfriends for a phone date? Even planning a super yummy dinner has got me out of my pit.

I have never understood the snooze button. I have never used one. As soon as that alarm goes, I swing my legs out of bed, because I know I love the warmth of my bed and I am too weak to resist it.

I find the best way to get out of bed, is to actually GET OUT OF BED.

Got any hints and tips that you find useful? Pop them in a comment below! xxx


4 responses to “5 ways to jump out of bed in the morning…

  1. This is such a great post! I suffer with migraines, and as a result have to get up regularly at the same time every day (I get up at 6.20 in the week so yeah….no lie ins for me at the weekend!) I’m definitely going to put this list into action!

    So this is the jumper you were telling us about? That is pretty amazing!

    • This is indeed the epic jungle jumper! I am a little in love with it. Off to buy Granola slices for my Friday morning breakfast…Sanisbury’s Finest ones are the bestest..

  2. Good ideas!! I’m not too bad at mornings but my OH is useless haha.. Love your jumper 🙂 x

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