Sunday Saviours #37

Well…it has been bloomin’ glorious weather here at the Nest and all I have been able to do is dream about sitting in the sunshine in my very own garden.

So having a garden leads to thinking about saving for a house, which leads to thinking about money, which leads me to thinking about spending NO MONEY WHATSOEVER.

So here are my Sunday Saviours – garden ideas and money saving hints.

I love this hanging vertical garden, and it is made from recycled things…MY FAVOURITE!

Martha Stweart may be loaded but she knows what she is talking about when it comes to saving money.

I want this in my garden….so cute

I love A Thrifty Mrs, you should to…she knows her onions about saving a few bob.

I don’t care if our garden is tiny…I will make space for wonderful things

I saw this FIT teatowel yesterday on our day out at a National Trust…and now I want it…to frame it….yes…I love Tea Towels… I seriously have a tea towel obsession….

Make saving money a game…and you’ll save more than you think.

Hope you are all having a gorgeous sunday!


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