5 things that are true

I am all about honesty…yaaaay honesty. I know we are supposed to all be socially adept and correct, but sometimes we just need to be told the truth.

I try to be as honest as I can with the young people I work with, and it has its benefits and downfalls. A benefit is that the teenagers I work with have no qualms about asking me about puberty, sex or relationships, they know I will give them an honest and sometimes brutal answer. A downfall is that they often aren’t ready to hear the truth as bluntly as I put it about the choices they have made in their short lives.

Today, thankfully, was a benefits day.

So in celebration, I have decided to just tell you 5 things that are true about me.

Highly irrational and actually crazy. I won’t go in the sea any deeper than 3 ft, yes, even in England, because someone told me once that they can get you after that.

Last Halloween, I made P watch brutal horror films, which I love and he hates. As  revenge, I then had to sit and watch a shark documentary with him. I managed it, but there was a lot of cushion-in-front-of-face action.

I am a little obsessed with tea-drinking-recepticles. I love a good mug. Whenever we go out, I am bound to see a good one that I want. I have so many favourites, that I couldn’t possibly pick one.

The fact is, we now have so many mugs that I have begun using them for other things….herb growing, pencil pots…

Our cupboard is actually overflowing and I can’t stop buying them……..

Slippers and a dressing gown in the middle of summer? Yep, that’s me.

I have really low blood pressure and that means that my hands and feet are ALWAYS cold.

P sees it as a blessing really, when he is ill or needing an icepack, I just have to touch him.


I must say that I came to tea late in life. I was 21 before I realised how much I liked tea, before that in fact, I hated it. After some ‘Uni experimentation’ (read trying lots of different teas and nothing kinky) I discovered it wasn’t the tea I didn’t like. It was the cow juice. Since then I’ve tried any kind of tea, and normally I’m a huge fan, as long as the cows haven’t got there first!

Currently in our cupboards we have (in most drunk to least drunk order): Earl Grey, Chamomile, Chai, Peppermint, English Breakfast and PG Tips (labelled Builder Tea).

I have to repeat it because it is true. I love growing stuff. I have never had a garden of my own, but that hasn’t stopped me. My windowsills are full of greenery.

I love the satisfaction of growing my own herbs and salad leaves indoors, and just yesterday I planted some chillies. Very excited to see my little seedlings….

Yeah…I know….I need to get a life.

But how can this not make you smile?

Dare to share any truths about yourselves? Whadda’ya think the comment box is for eh? Go for it!


2 responses to “5 things that are true

  1. I am the same on the cold and mugs front!
    Five things…hmmmmmm…
    1. I have a scar on my leg from a monkey bite.
    2. I used to have a fear of turn-stiles though luckily got past it.
    3. I love dried apricots
    4. I have a terribly addictive personality, will watch entire series’ of things at once.
    5. I am stupendously lazy.

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