Thrifty Find: EKS Box

This is the view I had on the train back from my weekend of mild debauchery with Lauren Alice (when I say mild, we did some sewing, ate fit food, watched Disney films & the crime channel on Saturday night and then hit up car boots sales on the Sunday – something I am banned from).

My gorgeous new-to-me military style foot locker was full of dust and old shreds of paper when Lauren and I spotted it next to pile of vinyls, almost tucked away under a wallpaper table full of junk (that I am sure I needed to buy also).

I gasped and literally hit the deck to check it out. It had the original key and everything!

I had to buy it.

I tried my hardest to look uninterested after I had eaten grass to get a better look. I just fell over…honestly…. The woman behind the table wasn’t fooled. £20.

I bit my lip….yes I wanted it that badly….and I knew it would have cost much more in a little boutique somewhere.

I scrabbled in my purse….and then scrabbled in Laurens. How did I not go to the cashpoint before coming to a car boot?! ROOKIE MISTAKE.

We managed to get £17.50 together, and with the help of ‘desperate face’ I managed to secure the EKS box.

I cleaned it up with the help of our hoover and a bit of soapy water, and then finally treated some of the more serious rust with some of P’s magic rust-be-gone stuff that he uses on Gladys (the motorbike).

It came up beautifully.

I popped a red check tea towel in the bottom, and my EKS box now houses all my flats, which were to be honest getting a touch unruly…

Beautiful and functional!

P, as a PS3 user, quite enjoys throwing my shoes in a box labelled ‘EKS’.


8 responses to “Thrifty Find: EKS Box

  1. I love this. And I’m totally jealous! Wish I’d spotted it first! Lx

  2. organizinghomelife

    How awesome is that trunk? Great find!! Thanks for linking up to Simply Sensational Tuesday! 🙂

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  4. I love this and as much as £20 is a bit steep to pay for it, when you go overboard once in a while it doesn’t really make a difference in the game of charity shops where you’re constantly saving £20 every other day. Full blown addict here. Though my shoe box (on my blog at ) was found on the street for nothing. Even better!

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