Currently…in April

Obsessing over: wedding venues. I am not even meant to be thinking about it at all, but wedding venues are dancing all through my brain. Do I pay some serious money for a venue that could provide some amaizng pictures, or do I try to remember that it is just a party that kicks off our marriage? Advice?

Working on: relaxing. My job hands out some serious mental beatings and they have been coming thick and fast in the run up to Easter. Thank goodness I have over a week to collect my thoughts, give myself a break and totally mentally relax.

Thinking about: New Tv Shows. I won’t lie I am a little obsessive when it comes to watching series in one go. I am so excited about Game of Thrones being back on our screens, but I struggle only having one episode a week! I watched the first episode of ‘Once Upon A Time’ on Sunday, and I hate having to wait…

Anticipating: time with gorgeous friends. I miss my girls so much. I do struggle being so far from them, and I cannot wait to get some tea and chat with them in my face.

Listening to: The Hunger Games soundtrack. I am such a big wussy when it comes to seeing the film adaptations of books that I love, but I always find I enjoy the music.

Eating: Olives. I would honestly have them with every meal. I adore olives.

Drinking: Pimms. It is proper sunny out, so it is time to crack out the mint, cucumber and lemonade!

Wishing: I had a never ending bowl of green seedless grapes. Actual food of the gods. Obviously I just have a penchant for small green globes of mouth-watering fabulous.


3 responses to “Currently…in April

  1. You reminded me to get THG soundtrack…

  2. Re wedding venues – I think keeping it in perspective is important but it’s whatever makes you both happy. You get to spend lots of fun times on pinterest pinning beautiful venues!

    Hope you get a lovely break and manage to relax! I recommend lots of hot bubble baths with a good book!

    • This is very true. I know it is just a party. I am looking forward to the marriage, not the party. I would rather have a bit more money in the marriage kitty, than splashed out on a party. Then again, our pictures will be with us our entire life.

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