April Sponsors

Well…blow me down…it is April already! I hope you have had a lamb, chick and of course, bunny filled spring so far.

This month, I asked the fabulous folks who are my sponsors, ‘What their favourite bunny related thing was’..no rudies!…just for a lark…and this is what the gorgeous fitfaces in my sidebar had to say for themselves! Click their links and find another lovely blog to read won’t you?

Lauren Alice from The Beauty Habit

My favourite bunny based item isn’t really an item but the film Who Framed Rodger Rabbit. I absolutely loved that film as a child.  I’d laugh until my sides ached when the tweety birds flew around his head.  And of course there is the style icon that is Jessica Rabbit, “I’ve loved you more than any woman’s ever loved a rabbit.” Classic! 

I don’t celebrate Easter as I’m not in any way religious but I do celebrate Spring!  For me that means new beginnings, bright colours and planning for Summer. 

Right, I’m off to see if I can go and hunt down that movie on DVD!

Fran from Skulls & Ponies

A bunny outfit for a dog. Brilliant. I confess that as a child I used to love dressing out dogs up! They loved it really. 


Filipa from Craft S.O.S

Anything with a bunny is cute. Who doesn’t love those fluffy things? I had a bunny and even when he chewed the TV cables I couldn’t stay mad looking at his face.
My favourite bunny item at the moment has to be those cute little vintage ceramic ones, like this. I’ve always been a collector (of many things) and I’m now into vintage. Now that I mentioned it… I’m off to ebay get one!

Grace from Her Umbrella

O, I love little Peter Rabbit 🙂

Andrea from Love Is

My favorite bunny based item would have to be a candle holder I got years ago for Easter. It has a bunch of bunnies on it & all these pretty spring colors. It’s so cute! = )

Sarah from A KnittedFox Trot

My favorite bunny based item would have to be little amigurumi bunnies.  They are just so darling! *^__^*

Paul from Lismer Photography

Sorry I don’t actually own this bunny based item, but it’s possibly the best Monty Python Character there is.

Bex from Futures

I adore this!
 It’s cute but stylish and perfect for the colder months!

Lu from Lulastic

Here is a pic of one of Ramona’s old vintage toys. I think it’s a pull along bunny? Or sausage dog? Hmmmmmmm.



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