My first Solo Vlog – A Mini Hobbycraft Haul

Sunday Saviours has been pushed by the wayside today, as I am posting up my first ever solo vlog!

Last week I vlogged with Miss Lauren, over on her Youtube channel doing a 5 Minute Make-Up challenge, and I sort of caught the bug.

As you are all very aware I am not a fabulous beauty blogger like Miss Lauren, so I thought I’d start out with something very familiar to me. Shopping for craft supplies!

So here is my very first attempt… Isn’t that the most attractive screenshot they could have used? Hmmmm….CHIN!

Please, please leave me a comment here or over on Youtube and let me know what you think!

And don’t forget to enter my giveaway! There are some cute handwarmers ready for the winning! 😀


10 responses to “My first Solo Vlog – A Mini Hobbycraft Haul

  1. Really good first vlog. I would be terrified in front of the camera so I don’t think I could do one. Shame that my nearest Hobbycraft is so awkward to get to by public transport – I could do with some more glue dots 🙂

  2. I think YouTube actually have someone who waits for the most hideous thumbnails possible and gives you those to choose from. Laaavvvly first video. Lx

  3. Mwahahaha actually laughing out loud, don’t know how you made going through your Hobbycraft Receipt so entertaining?! You nailed it

  4. hahahahahahaha I LOVE IT! and you!! I loved seeing you/listening to your vlog. Guess I best get my butt in shape and do a vlog eventually. It’s on my goal list before my birthday lol

  5. Really enjoyed your vlog! Look forward to watching more. I too recently discovered Hobby crafts value buttons.

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