Sunday Saviours #40

Hullo you lovely lot,

This week has been a bit all over the place for us here at The Nest. I actually lost my voice on Tuesday and Wednesday (to P’s great amusement) and I discovered that P is actually unable to lip-read or play charades…FAIL.

I have spent a lot of time on our very comfy sofa, with my feet up and our super cosy duvet (brought back out of the airing cupboard as I refuse to turn the heating on…It’s April forgodsakes), crocheting like mad ready for May and the big stock swap on the shop. Everything will still be available to buy but I have limited product space on the shopee. If you spot something on my facebook page that isn’t up in the shop, leave a comment and I will make it available for you to buy! Easy as pie right?

So enough about me….this is what other people have been up to that I have seriously enjoyed!

You may have seen these kids bouncing all over Pinterest recently, but they are too cute no for me to feature here! Check out their daddy’s blog for them!

I love the jewellery organisation in this post! So chic and pretty!

Merdith and I share a love of post. I love Meredith’s blog. She is so sweet and I just want to squeeze her!

This post from Lulastic had me nodding and grinning all at the same times. The amount of times at work I hear sexism from YOUNG PEOPLE….makes me shudder.

Seriously enjoying Amy’s fringe jacket and a gorgeous mirror tray she found for UNDER $5.

Fran’s post on her new to her furniture is amazing. So jealous! Also she has a lovely discount code for my shop due to her feature post on me! Go and visit!

The fab Ab over at Doll Doll Dolly, posted this this week and I need to buy myself a copy!

Hope you all have a fab Sunday!





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