What I Wore: Ice Cream Sunday

It’s not very often I actually crop my troggy face out of pictures on the bloggeroo, but this one was so tragic it made my flesh crawl. So this is what I wore…minus my face!

I have gone a bit of a coloured jeans fandango recently, adding Ribena purple, mustard and tan to my lovely pink pair above. I love injecting a bit of colour to my lower regions for a change.

That sounded ruder than I meant it to!

My cardie was a swish find. When I saw the girl in front of me put it on the table ready to swish and I silently fist pumped the air. I love me a gross cardigan.

My green top is an old Primark one with little cap sleeves, that I’ve had for about 5 years now. I bought it to match a a-line skirt I have, because the colours match perfectly.

The jeans are Uniqlo, from about 3 years ago. They are starting to fade a bit, which I quite like as they look lived in. I found that Uniqlo are actually pretty good for slightly longer pinned ladies, as their basic inside leg length is 33 inches.

My floral pumps are originally Primark, but are so battered now and dirty, that even bicarb scrubbing can’t get the filth out!

So…I would like to pronounce this outfit…’I look like an Ice Cream threw up on me’!


7 responses to “What I Wore: Ice Cream Sunday

  1. Oh, golly. That’s a great colour!

  2. I love your pink skinnies! So sweet for Spring



  3. futurebestseller

    Wow, Love this outfit!!! Super cute! Just found ya from Rose’s twitter. Love your content, (though the layout was a bit confusing) and will be watch out for your future posts!

    • Thanks so much for popping over. She’s a doll isn’t she?!
      Yeah, I know my birdcage moves when people read it on their phones…need to fix that sumhow! It’s on my list of technical whosits to do! ๐Ÿ˜€

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