Sunday Saviours #41

Hello beautiful people!

Today, I come to you from the land of my sofa. I am completely cream-crackered after the family wedding yesterday. I was up at 6.30am to start arranging the flowers for the ceremony and I managed to crawl into be at 12.30am this morning. I will divulge a bit more about the wedding later this week, once P has sorted through the photos and whatnot, but let’s snuggle down with a cuppa and look at some lovely things shall we?

I love this snack idea. Yummy, yummy.

These also look FIT…but much less healthy. And HOW CUTE is Katie’s daughter, Hope?

Bex received her prizes from me! Yay!

I love this doorstop pattern from Mollie Makes…perhaps a new item for the shop?

Wow…I coud make these myself? DANGER!

I love Katie & Rueben’s Happy List. Made me smile.

I am really enjoying vlogging at the moment, and I have a new video up today! Pop over and visit won’t you?



One response to “Sunday Saviours #41

  1. Thanks for including me lovely xx

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