Lasting till Payday: Use every last bit

As some of you may of may not know, I budget and scrimp like an actual mental person. I have never had much money, and it is deep-rooted in me not to spend my hard-earned cash if I don’t have to.

I save Him Indoors and I a lot of money through my thrifty/scrimper/tightwad ways and now I want to share the love and get you all keeping those shiny pennies for something more fun rather than the mundane.

So I am introducing a new feature to the blog called Lasting till Payday.

In it I hope to give you lots of hints, tips and tricks that we use at home day-to-day, week-to-week, to keep our outgoings low, but our enjoyment of life high.

So without any ado…or pomp…here is my first tip!

Enjoy! Let me know what you think!


6 responses to “Lasting till Payday: Use every last bit

  1. HILARIOUS tumbnail!!

  2. This is your ‘secret stalker!!’ fabulous idea I will stay tuned for the next handy hint!! Xx

  3. I LOVED THIS. Not only did you crack me up but it’s a fabulous tip!


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