Currently…in May

Obsessing over: vlogging. I officially have the bug. Fancy me finding sitting in front of a camera so relaxing and fun times?! Shocker. Also I have had some much support in the few short weeks I have been doing it…so many thanks to all you lovely loves out there.

Working on: creating more stock. My little shop is currently filled with loads of lovely goodies, but I am creating loads more stock for the 3 craft fairs I am doing this year!P has told me off once or twice because I never seem to be relaxing…I am always working on something. I actually find the counting of stitches quite calming. It means I can turn off from the rest of the world.

Thinking about: how wonderful hot water bottles are. We turned our heating off at the end of February, and now it is colder than the dickens! It is MAY DAMMIT. We are refusing to turn our heating back on, so now, when we boil our kettle for our last cuppa, we also fill our hot water bottles and pop them into the bed. Boom….old people we are.

Anticipating: our wedding. Yes I know it is a bloomin’ way a way yet, but we bought our first wedding thing! A box of Pimms. 6 bottles. I love knowing that P is just as excited for the big party as I am.

Listening to: my body. I can feel myself getting drained again recently. I am a big one for working myself into the ground and recently I haven’t been clocking enough sleep, so this month I am off to bed early, early, early.

Eating: Cake. lots of cake. A fellow archer at our club sold us some duck eggs and they have been bloomin fabulous to make cakes with! FACT. So we have been scoffing a lot of homemade cake here recently.

Drinking: Tea, Tea and more chuffin’ Tea.  I actually got a bit upset at work the other day as I had to drink Builder Tea and not Earl grey….the conditions I have to live in…honestly!

Wishing: that every Monday was a Bank holiday. Thank you lordy for the 4 day week this week!


2 responses to “Currently…in May

  1. LOVING YOUR VLOGGING! I am glad you are loving cos it is making the world a better place having that there face of yours on the Youtube.

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