Josy Rose

Hello you gorgeous lot!

Today, I wanted to share with you a little gem that I have discovered. A diamond in the internet craft shopping rough if you will….. and they call her Josy Rose.

(I pronounce it Josy Rosy – but that’s because I like rhyming, and not because I can’t read…honest guv)

As you may have seen on my ‘What I have Been Making in April’ vlog, I spoke about  purchasing some metallic yarn for the toppers of my crocheted christmas baubles….and yes…yes… I cover what a crazy face I am in the vlog about ALREADY thinking about christmas.

Well I searched the internet and this lovely little site pinged back in my face with such wonderous-ness that I just had to purchase from it.

It arrived THE DAY AFTER I ordered it. Super speedy non? Just what you want!  And it was all wrapped up prettily in pink tissue paper and I call that a freebie for my papercraft drawer.

This metallic yarn was exactly what I wanted. It is a little hard to crochet with due to the texture (I was expecting this!) but the results are brilliant. You’ll get to see what I have been using it for later this month in my May ‘What I’ve been Making’ vlog.

I had to make my order for the metallic yarn up to £5, so I bought some of these gorgeous ribbons. Cannot wait to use the reindeer ones for christmas pressies – isn’t it the cutest Scandinavian style ribbon ever? I also chatted about the Tea one in my ‘5 things I am loving in April‘ vlog, so now you can actually see it in detail!

I am so pleased with my order and the quality of the products, I will heading straight back when I need a few more bits and bobs!

Have you bought from Josy Rose or another independent online shop, spending your hard earned spondoolies on pretty things? Isn’t it so MUCH nicer? I think so.




2 responses to “Josy Rose

  1. Stunning finds! Don’t worry, I’m always thinking about Christmas time too!

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