Lasting Till Payday: Buying Gifts in Advance

Ever feel like your bank balance has been totally rinsed due to a month of heavy birthday action?

Dreading November Pay Day because Christmas is going to kick your butt AGAIN this year?

Welcome to what used to be my life.

I took matters into my own hands a few years ago and now I have a running ‘Goodie bag’, where all the presents that I spot through out the year live until the birthdays and christmasses that they were bought for.

Christmas 2011 – There were literally too many things for under the tree…

Let me give you a lovely example shall I?

I logged on to E.L.F the other day to buy myself a few pretty things….and then I spotted a few other pretty things that others may like for Christmas….YES…I know it is only May…. but they will now sit there in the Goodie bag, waiting, using money from April’s payday…until they are ready to be given…meaning that November’s pay day rests a little easier.

I also keep my peepers peeled for sales. I hit up the January sales every year and I am mainly looking for pressies. Also keep your eye on Twitter…I spotted that the lovely Dayner @ Mozzypop had a flash sale last week, so I bought a few pieces for myself but mainly stocked up with people in mind for Christmas and birthdays. So not only supporting a lovely little business, but bagging some goodies too.

If you do it little by little throughout the year, it means that you won’t ever be rinsed again, and you will always have a pressie on hand if you forget somebody!

Fancy hearing a bit more? I vlogged too…listen to me say similar stuff, but also with a bit about handmade pressies tooooo!



2 responses to “Lasting Till Payday: Buying Gifts in Advance

  1. I do the same thing! Sales are a budget girl’s best friend!

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