Chash Tea – Teatastic

Let’s just open this post with a bold statement shall we?

After love, tea is the best thing in the world.


Without tea, I honestly don’t know how I would function. I need that cup to comfort me before I head into the pits of hell for work, I need that cup to soothe me when me and Him Indoors have had a row, I love that cup that warms me through after a wet and wild walk. There isn’t a situation where a cup of tea isn’t appropriate or necessary. We Brits have built an entire national identity on it…as we ruddy well should…

As you may have guessed…I am Pro-Tea.

I recently won a competition on Isle of Tea‘s blog, to receive a sample of Chash Tea.As you can imagine…I was over the moon.

Chash Tea is run by a lovely bloke called Dan (who also does their tweets and whatnot) and strives to source the loveliest tasting teas for all of us here in the UK.

Now…another bold statement…Teabags, by in large, do not make the best cuppas. Most teabags are filled with the ‘dust’ from the tea making machines, and are not the perfect best bits, think of it like the meat in a pork pie. Satisfying…but not the best bits at all…

Loose tea (and let me just say that I love a good teabag….Ooooop dirty) is the way to go if you really want to be a tea obsessive like me. It means you get the full hit of the leaf and other snobby statements of that ilk…. and actually in fact, it is often cheaper to buy tea loose (in comparison to weight)Ā  and to make a teapot for 2 is much more kettle efficient! Save money, drink tea!
And you would pay more money for a steak than a pork pie right? Thought so…. Yup…meat comparisons work well for this….

My winnings from Chash Tea arrived pretty promptly, and despite a TEA EMERGENCY where an unlabelled bag had split open inside the cardboard box and spilt everywhere (don’t fret…we funnelled it into the jar wasting none!), I was very excited to hack it open with my keys!

5 samples! And ruddy great samples at that!

The Winter Spice one smells FIT and our mystery tea (Must remember to tweet them to ask what it is!) has made our living smell Uh-MAZING due to the spillage!

Am supping a cup of Snow White at the moment (I thought a Disney related one should be my first cup!) and it is delish! And may I add that these samples are going to actually last me ages. Eons! That is due to the fact that you can use your Chash Tea leaves twice because they aren’t just dust! I KNOW RIGHT!

I love that Chash do a 10 teas for Ā£10 deal, where you get a selection of 10 different loose teas (The whole collection will make you about 50 cups of tea). I am adding it to my wish list for my birthday. I do love a good tea selection.

Have you tried any Chash Teas? Do you have a favourite type of Tea? Any other related Tea comments/anecdotes?




9 responses to “Chash Tea – Teatastic

  1. Those look like fantastic teas! We have a store here called Teavana, which you would just love! The entire back wall is line with all types and varieties of tea!

  2. Fabulous! Your mystery tea looks divine, blue pieces look like cornflower petals? I agree with your meat comparison, though I don’t like read meat šŸ˜‰ – once you’ve had proper tea, you don’t go back!
    till haven’t tried any of my winnings from Chash yet. My mystery tea smells so fine – a green tea with roses petals. NIce. Enjoy!

  3. So… how were / are the rest..?!

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