Sunday Saviours #43

Let me start by saying that I have had an utterly glorious day. I have taken my flabby ghost pins out naked into the streets, wandered around beautiful National Trust gardens, I have been asked by the Mother-in-Law if I would be interested in doing a stall in November at her church, I am rocking an epic topknot today, I have an entire chicken cooking and generally life has been bloody spot-on these past 24 hours.

How is it going for you? All frabjous I hope! Callooh Callay!

Here are some things I have really enjoyed this week.

PIMMS! By the bucket load!

This post by Elsie & Emma on time management.

This beautiful bit o’ kit that is on the way to us. (And for NOT the RRP put here…we BARGAINED it baby!)

This wedding. Do you think we could get a vintage motorcyle? I love how relaxed the gents look.

Finding THE dress for the wedding out in Colombia in August.

The fact that Hannah is BACK! YAY! And she has a giveaway biatches!

Isn’t that video bloody brilliant? HINT HINT Miss Lauren!



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