What I’ve Been Making This Month (May 2012)

Hello gorgeous faces,

Every month I am bringing to you a little vlog of what I have been busying myself with in the evenings in front of the telly. Also I’m hoping that you will see something you like and pop over to my shop or Facebook page! Sneaky eh?

I have a lot of exclusive thingummys in my Stock Box over on my Facebook page that you can order, that aren’t available in the shop. Just leave a comment on the item you want and I will message you the details of how to pay. Easy Peasy right?

Do you like my vlogs? I know a few of you do, because you told me so, some of you to my ACTUAL face……. so fancy knowing when your dose of Ghost-faced Pigeon uploads something BEFORE it is on the blog?

Pop over and subscribe to my YouTube channel, TheShinyPigeon.

I promise to always be a complete goon, to always choose the most unflattering thumbnail picture and never ever edit out my utterly idiotic faces.



Got something to say? Don't be shy, I love comments!

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