DIY Tea Labels

I know what you are thinking…. TEA labels? No one in the world needs frickin’ tea labels. But apparently I have a problem….

We went to IKEA yesterday, and we bought some extra counter space, as ours was non-existant and I also treated myself to some glass jars to display all my tea, (I know I need a life) freeing up cupboard space for jam and chutney and whatnot.

May I also add there is MORE tea in the green biscuit barrel…. packets of yummy loose stuff….I told you I had a problem.

So if you are as crazy as I am or you have lots of other things in glass jars, here is a little DIY of how I made my labels.

1: Choose yourself some card.

I personally delved into my box’o’scraps and pulled out what I can only guess to be some of sort packaging. Thick paper will do.

2: Find something about the right size and draw around it.

I used a little sample pot of Body Shop Body Butter….mainly because it was in reach…

2: Cut out your circles carefully and hole punch a hole into each

3: Write the initals of what is in the jars

I used a stencil, because my handwriting resembles that of a drunk spider, but if you have nice handwriting, go to town!

P = Peppermint, C= Camomile, Ch = Chai, EG = Earl Grey and Yum is for what ever loose tea I put in the jar (subject to change a lot!)

4: Loop ribbon/string through the holes and then attach to jars with a firm knot.


This literally took me all of 5 minutes to do last night and I love how it looks!

Have you done a little DIY lately? Leave a comment, let me know!


5 responses to “DIY Tea Labels

  1. I love these. I have a dream that one day I will have everything in my pantry in glass jars like this with pretty labels. Never gonna happen is it

    • Don’t give up! It’s my dream too….I am one step closer with my Tea Jars. P has his coffee in jars now too, but he can tell the difference because his decaf jar is much smaller. Live the pantry jar dream…

  2. so so cute! I love these little cuties 🙂


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