E.L.F Haul

Oh my goodness….for someone who is pinching the pennies I don’t half seem to do a lot of haul vlogs!

But that is sort of the point my lovelies, you save your money to be able to spend it on things that you want, for others or for yourself. Not just to hoard and swim about in it like Scrooge McDuck.

Yes, the big one on my mind is our house deposit, but I also like to treat myself every now and then. The fact that I save money elsewhere means I can splurge a little without breaking the bank.

Also I have some new lovely Love Birds up on Facebook and in the shop.




2 responses to “E.L.F Haul

  1. I love you, you’re hilarious!

    And ELF products are the best! I’ve only picked up a few things that haven’t worked for me, but they’re so inexpensive it doesn’t really matter! = )

    • Right?! Who knew I was funny…I had no idea! šŸ˜€

      I am seriously in love with my eyebrow kit (wasn’t too light after all!) and my stippling brush is a new favourite!

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