Moa Balm Review and a chat about my face…

Put down your cups of tea and take a seat… The Pigeon is going to talk about skincare….I know…. that NEVER happens.

Let’s start off by talking about my ghost face and the skin that is stretched there.

I don’t have the best skin. Genes and bad habits have meant that I have a skin that is VERY prone to breakouts (I haven’t had a single day of clear skin since I was 13) very uneven and most of the time very unhappy with me.

I have outbreaks of dry skin, outbreaks of oily skin, wrinkles, freckles (which I love), crater pores and blackheads galore.

What I do have is half decent make-up and a Husband To Be that is very talented with a camera and photoshop… FACT.

Nothing has ever worked. Even being on medication for my skin hasn’t really helped.

But recently I have found a skincare product that I have literally been blathering on to EVERYONE about… my friends, my work colleagues, my hairdresser…. and now my readers!

I received this little pot of Moa Balm in a goodie bag when I went to a lovely little event run by Author Shoes.
After reading all the leaflet, and all the claims on the website, it seemed to good to be true.

Moa Balm contains magic ingredient, Yarrow, which has been used for eons due to its skin-loving and healing properties.

It also has skin clearing antiseptic Tea Tree mixed in, along with beeswax, coconut, sweet almond and soya bean oils, to help soften, heal and generally look after your skin.

Click image for source

Now I take skincare claims with a pinch of salt, due to having found nothing to sort out my ‘under the skin’ spots which tend to take over my face.

But I thought, ‘Hey ho, I got it for free…I will give it a go’.

On the Moa website, they claim it does about a million things, but here are the things I have done with it and loved….

  • Softening my cuticles and treating my nails
  • Massaging into my feet and wearing socks to bed… super soft feet in the morning!
  • Rubbing into dry or hard skin, including eczema on my eyelids and arms.
  • Popping onto bites and stings – Him Indoors is a bite magnet, and this heals them up super quick.
  • Dotting onto spots (whiteheads and boils under the skin- nice right?) – This results to them halving in size and some almost disappearing OVERNIGHT. Yes…overnight…I am not kidding you.
  • Using as a cleanser.

Yes….a cleanser.

And I cannot explain how much I love my Moa Balm as a cleanser…it even shifts my super hard to remove mascara with ease….and it makes my skin feel marvellous.

Here is how I use it…

  • I take a tiny amount of Moa and melt it between my fingers to make an oil
  • I then smear it over my eye makeup, massaging gently.
  • I get a little bit more Moa and massgae over the rest of my face, taking my time and enjoying the face rub….it feels lush.
  • I then wet a flannel in hot water, wring it out, and press on my face; steaming away the oil, along with all the grot and whatnot.
  • I finally splash cold water on my face to close up my pores.

And I can say that my skin has been SOOOO much better since using it. I have actually had a few days where I am able to let people who aren’t the HTB or my girls see me without make-up….something unheard of pre Moa.

It is super cheap too, something that I love about it…and a little bit goes a seriously long way. I have been using it for about 3 months now, and I still have my original 15ml pot (worth £4.99)…that has loads left in it.

This is something that I will be repurchasing. I will be getting the 50ml pot, because it is now a staple in our house, not only for my face but for our first aid kit too….I will keep my 15ml pot handy and decant into it to ensure that packing for travelling is easier!

A TIP – I have found because this has lots of lovely oils in it, that it makes my sink ever so grubby afterwards. If you get a bit of bicarb and rub it round a damp sink, and then rinse the sink with water, it will shift it easy peasy. No hassle of scrubbing and whatnot.

Now, I just want to say that I haven’t bee contacted or paid for this review….I just bloody love this stuff and want to share a lovely ‘Made in England’ business! How ruddy patriotic!


9 responses to “Moa Balm Review and a chat about my face…

  1. Thanks love . . . that’s more money I’ve spent because of YOU! LOL Got the big & the small coming. I’m also pleased to see you have the little birds up in your shop . . . they are so cute! xx

    • Hehe! I should have let you tried mine when we were down. I am a little obsessed by it.
      I love my little Love Birds…already made 3 sales from Sunday night! 😀

  2. Can I purchase this in Holland and Barrett or similar? I’m definitely up for giving this a go as I not only have lifelong acne but am a bite magnet too. I used to exclusively use products that were pure and cruelty free but lately have succumbed to the fancy serums. Can’t say I’ve noticed any real difference though…

    • I haven’t seen it anywhere but online, but I will send them a tweet and ask. It is free P&P if you spend over £5 on their website.
      I love it…(as you may have guessed)..but mainly because it has no nasties in it and it does more than one job meaning when I travel, it’s a one-stop-pot. And the fact that it shrinks my spots overnight…I actually squealed so loudly when I looked in the mirror the first morning after that P had to come and check I was ok! 😀

  3. Thanks for sharing, this is music to my ears. My skin is terrible, I won’t start here the list of issues I have with it so I am always on the look out for something new and better. This sounds promising. I will definitely try this.

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  5. Great review – I was considering buying this but was dubious it would work. My skin is as joyful as yours sounds and every time I think my skin is realising I’m not a teenager anymore, it gets awful again. This sounds amazing and I’m hoping I’ll get the same results! Have just ordered it. Wish me luck!

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