#8/35 in 365 ~ Come Down Into Darkness by Clare McNally

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Come Down Into Darkness – Clare McNally

Now I have no recollection where on earth I got this book from… I can just remember it being on my shelves for the past few years, and remembering that I enjoyed reading it….which is the general rule of all the many books on my bookshelf…if I don’t enjoy it the first time it goes in my car boot sale box!

The story follows Doreen, an orphan who grew up to run a children’s home. She is forced to move from her current residence and terrified of having to close her home and split up the children who live there, manages at the 11th hour to find a big old house on the outskirts of town.

The premise is pretty tried and tested…new owners in a house…weird stuff starts to happen…. It is definitely not ground breaking in the haunted house game, but McNally writes in a way that makes me want to cuddle down with a blanket and push on. I do like the use of guilt as a theme in this book, which many of the characters work through and ebb into the story, which works well with Doreen’s and the children’s past.

A very likeable book, although predictable at points. Going back on the shelf!

Have you read anything good recently?


2 responses to “#8/35 in 365 ~ Come Down Into Darkness by Clare McNally

  1. I am an awful coward when it comes to ghost stories. I like scary but not too gruesome, this I might be able to handle.

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