DIY Button Magnets

Hello beautiful folks!

Today I thought I would share a little DIY with you…. again a DIY that you could do in minutes. MINUTES!

My love for fridge magnets and vintage buttons are unparrelled…but put those hands together…. it’s bliss.
I find doing this particular DIY quite soothing because it is repetitive, and I have made a massive batch to take with me to my craft fairs to sell.

I use small but strong craft magnets that I buy from eBay.

Squidge a bit of No More Nails (other thingummywatsits are available) onto the magnet. I find this works much better than super glue. I did a mixed batch last time, and all my super glued ones have had to be No More Nails’ed since.

Then dot a small amount on to the back of your button, vintage, upcycled, fresh from the packet…I won’t judge.

And gently pop the sticky sides together. Leave to dry for several hours.

Then stick to your fridge in a manic and mental manner.


Made something easy peasy recently? Share below!


14 responses to “DIY Button Magnets

  1. Wow, genuis in its simplicity! Would never have thought of using NMN for something like that. I guess this would work well with smaller buttons and drawing pins for pinboards too 🙂

  2. Ooh pretty 🙂 Excellent idea for displaying favourite buttons with pride! And Tom just bought some No More Nails at the weekend- I think it’s a sign. I am 99% sure he’d love it if I used it all up on buttons so he couldn’t DIY with it. Only one way to find out! 🙂 xxx

  3. Yet another fantastic idea little Pigeon! I love your blog so much, it makes me smile regularly! I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! Have a look at my latest blog post! xx

  4. Very cute, you can never have enough magnets for the fridge!

  5. Excellent idea! I am heading off to find magnets!

  6. Lush! I love NMN. How does a glue gun compare?

  7. I’ve just made a whole stash of these as I too am a huge button fan – thanks for sharing!

    I found your blog via FB Made in the UK & I’m so glad I popped over for a visit, I shall be bookmarking your blog for the future!

  8. What a great and easy idea, love it!

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