5 ways to exercise without even trying

I hate exercising. I am an exercise avoider. Gyms bore the pants off me and I have zero motivation outside of one. P has tried to take me running and cycling, but my body and my mind just says no thanks, pass me the cake.
IΒ  do love being active, I love walking, archery, dancing, yoga and I was on the Netball A Squad all through school. I think what has happened to me is that without throwing money at an activity like ballet classes or a gym membership, I find it hard to motivate myself.

I have noticed in the past few years that my prized feature, my legs, are now looking pretty tragic…which makes me die inside.

So I am now on a mission to get my body back into shape….without paying out and without affecting my life too much…. it’s pretty jammed-packed already folks!

1: Shopping is my Cardio

I must say, when Carrie from Sex & The City said ‘Shopping is my cardio’, I whole heartedly agreed. There is nothing like burning calories whilst you have a look at lots of pretty things. I managed to rack up 15,000 steps on my last half day trip down to Brighton, which equated to over 600 calories. I haven’t even included the ‘carrying laden shopping bags’ calories!

2: Take the stairs

Skip the lift. I know that I used to trudge up every escalator in London when I lived there and my cardio was much better for it The stairs are a great way to tone up your rear and burn calories. Take the bloomin’ stairs.

3: A night out is a work out

I love a night out. I also love how much dancing and sweating I do on a night out. Gross I know…. but it makes me smile.

My 5 inch Jaggers spin and slide me all over the dance floor, and if I’m not drinking…. that is all minus calories baby. I love that my thighs & glutes ring after a night of dancing away on my high-heeled trotters.

If you ache in the morning, just think of all the shots you didn’t consume because you danced off the calories….that’s maths right there.

4: Standing still…why?

Brushing your teeth? Why aren’t you doing leg lifts?

Showering? You can do demi-squats whilst you shampoo your hair.

Washing up? …..Ok, ok,….you geddit right? I do a lot of passive exercise whilst doing other things. And now I do them so often it feels like normal! Although I am sure it doesn’t look it to others…..

5: Clean out those calories

Do you realise how many calories you can burn in an hour when cleaning?

Here are a few examples…

Sweeping: 240
Scrubbing floors on hands and knees: 325
Light Cleaning – (dusting, wiping down counters, picking up clothes): 100
Moderate Cleaning – (washing dishes, doing laundry): 200
HeavyΒ  Cleaning – (vacuuming, hanging laundry, repetitive bending over): 260
Mowing lawn: 325

There are some serious energy to be burnt people. whack on your favourite tunes, grab and duster and bust out some serious moves.

So there are my 5 tips to a trim body, without even really trying…. Do you do anything similar to burn calories without bothering?


16 responses to “5 ways to exercise without even trying

  1. Don’t forget sucking it in when in company helps make a flat tummy.

    • Very true…try and make your belly button touch your spine for better posture and the inability to fit any more food in your tummy on a night out! πŸ˜€

  2. I absolutely love this list!! I hate exercise too – I get into the gym for a bit and then get completely bored! I used to love going dancing – but now I’m old I find it ridiculous that I can’t go out dancing until 11.30!!! Clubs need to open at 8pm dammit! Dancing round my kitchen is good. Also (I don’t do this but I think it could be fun) hoola hooping and skipping ropes are fun!!!

    • I have to admit to a bit of crazy solo dancing in this flat…i can count on him indoors to join me if I blast some Carly Rae J though…. he loves that tune!

  3. When driving somewhere hold your tummy for 5-10 seconds at similar intervals for about 5 minutes each time you drive. I like the believe it helps, even if I’m driving along eating a Krispy Kreme and drinking a soy mocha!

  4. fidget, fidget, fidget – thats what I do! And streatch whenever you fel like it, in whatever direction – the stranger you look the better!

  5. I do leg lifts whilst waiting for the kettle to boil at work! Lx

  6. i LOVE this list! hilarious, but true. πŸ™‚ i just need to incorporate more leg lifts while i’m laying on the couch watching TV.

    • I am currently bicep curling baked bean tins whilst indulging in Jeremy Kyle recorded on my vision box…my early Saturday morning guilt pleasure… TV is the best for relax-ercising with.

  7. I do a lot of dancing in the kitchen AND public transport is fantastic way to do exercise while on the go. Walk to the train. Walk to the tram. Walk to the bus. Walk in between stops. So much walking πŸ™‚ I loved this post!

  8. great tips, thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

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