#9/35 in 365 ~ The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken

I am a little disgusted at myself for not reading this as a child, but I fear when I was the optimum reading age I think I was eyeball deep in The Famous Five. I picked this up because I ordered it for the kids at work, as it was on one of the recommended reading lists for young people.

I tend to read all the books before they do to make sure they are appropriate and so that I can recommend them books when they wonder what to read next. Just call me an interactive library.

I love the era of ‘Wolves’. It is set in an imaginary era that feels Victorian and Edwardian, where England is ruled by King James III and  overrun with wolves that have entered the country through the newly opened Channel Tunnel.

The story centres around Bonnie & Sylvia, cousins from very different means. Orphaned Sylvia comes to live at Willoughby Chase with her uncle & aunt, who soon leave the family home for a trip. Before the leave they install Miss Slighcarp, a sharp-nosed and ill-tempered woman, as governess to teach the girls in their absence.

Miss Slighcarp isn’t all she seems, and when Bonnie’s parents are gone, things go awry at Willoughby Chase.

I love the symbolism of the wolves in this book. They are such a good reflection of some of the characters and the situations that the girls find themselves in, as well as presenting a very real danger outside the Chase.

I really enjoyed this book, despite it being for children. It fills me with nostalgia for the Worst Witch books for some reason and reminds me of curling up at my grandparents woth piles of books on my lap.

Perfect for rainy days when you need something light, but interesting.

Have you read ‘Wolves of WIlloughby Chase’? Or the rest of the series? I may crack on and continue the adventures of Bonnie & Sylvia.


2 responses to “#9/35 in 365 ~ The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken

  1. I recognise the name of the book but have never read it. SOunds like a great book for my lil girl (currently having Swallows & Amazons read to her!) and if I get it for her I can read it first – yay!

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