Lasting Till Payday: The Under £10 Date Night

Sometimes when you are saving or pinching the pennies, it can be very easy to forget that life is passing you by and you are missing it whilst sat in the dark, wearing 3 jumpers and sipping tea made from pinched hotel teabags.

I am all for throwing every penny I have at the things I want in life, like our future nest and our wedding, but also I sometimes need a night off or a new pair of shoes to remind me why I never say ‘keep the change’*.

*Yes I am tight…but it boils down to if I keep that 30p… ten times of taking my change means I have £3… which is over a tenth of my food budget for the week…. as the old saying goes…look after the pennies and then you can feed them into the self-service machines in Sainsbury’s and pay the rest on card….

We decided to change it up last week and get ourselves out of the house, without spending much money. When I lived in London, we used to go and abuse the free things like the museums, now we are 45 minutes away by train, we have to think creatively.

So was born….. The Under £10 Date Night.

What do you enjoy doing on the cheap with your favourite person?


10 responses to “Lasting Till Payday: The Under £10 Date Night

  1. Oh yay, I love cheap/free fun times (especially being a college grad paying off student loans and trying to save up for furniture). My hubby and I recently discovered a lake with a little swimming beach and it’s only $4 to get in, so that’s our new cheap thing.


    • Love that! Picnics and splashing about in the lake…mucho fun times.
      I think spending time is so much more rewarding than spending money…and by cycling we burnt of the calories for our chips! Guilt free!

  2. I love this!!!! Such a great video – I especially love the bum wiggle. Tom and I are trying to have a weekly date night – evenings prove trickier with not much cash. Maybe you could do a series of vids on date nights? Maybe we could start a date night idea meme!

    • I think it is something I am quite tempted to do! We are going to try and have a cheap date (sometimes in, sometimes out) once a month, each taking turns to organise, so if he doesn’t get too sick of me carting round the camera, then perhaps a monthly feature! We already do archery together…and i’m off to climbing with him tonight…we are going to run out of evenings!

  3. Really nice idea and great video too. You are having fun filming whilst creating memories. 🙂
    Just a detail I noticed about your tea: me and my partner always boil a litre of water and put it in a teapot with just one sachet. Wait a few minutes and then we have ourselves several cups!

    • That’s a great idea. We normally have different tea though! I am on the Camomile in the evenings and P is enjoying Peppermint a bit more than he thought he ever would! We are tea whores.

  4. Brilliant choice of music! A peddle along Brighton prom is an inspired choice of cheap date (and you’d have spent even less if they hadn’t started charging to park by the pier til 8pm!) Tom and I go cycling together sometimes- but I’m not sure I’d want to call it a “date” because I look more sweaty gooner than sultry vixen when I cycle 🙂

    • We went a bit early, but managed to hang about unloading the bikes till 8! 😀 I did not look attractive that evening what with my grotty hair and ‘wind in face’! Had a great time though.

  5. dont use those machines at Sainsburys they take a cut… use ones at any Metro bank you dont even need to be a customer;)

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