Currently…in July

Obsessing over: wedding plans. We have hit this mother hard and are being so organised. We already have our invites made and are preparing to send them out really soon. I know the wedding is over 12 months away but due to having it on the August bank holiday, smack bang in the middle of the school holidays, we want to make sure that we get in before people start making plans and before the hotels get booked up! I gave a little sneak-peek on twitter last week…we have saved SOOO much money doing them ourselves. I promise to do a big invite reveal with costings a bit later in the yea once we have sent out ALL the invites.

Working on: crochet birds. These little beauties have sold like hot cakes…. if hot cakes actually do sell quickly. My fingers have literally gone numb some evenings with the amount of these guys that I have been churning out!

You can buy them here or send me a facebook message with your order.

Thinking about: My craft fair this month. It is my first one and I truly am nervous about it. I have to try to keep grounded and remember that it is all about the experience and not about if I make a mint.

Anticipating: the summer holidays. Work has pulled me down lately and I am feeling particularly drained emotionally by a certain YP. I cannot wait to have a break from all the projected negativity and the frustration building up inside me.

Listening to: Disney Songs. I realised that the HTB has a shocking knowledge of Disney Trivia, which I feel I must rectify. He is indulging me.

Eating: comfort food. Due to work feeling so weighty at the moment, I am craving things that I can ladle into my mouth in large quantities. My go-to comfort dish is always  Mama Pigeon’s Spag Bol.

Drinking: Lemon Squash. It is super refreshing. Yum yum yum.

Wishing: That in general the world was a nicer place, where all parents wanted what is best for their children and showed them love and gave them time rather than stuff, where people didn’t litter and where my cupboard always had fudge in it.


8 responses to “Currently…in July

  1. Ooh your birdies are sooo cute! Would make perfect wedding favours…if you’re inclined to make 200 odd of them 😉 xx

  2. Wowsers, life is busy for you. My OH is counting down the days to the summer holidays. Love the little birdies too. Disney songs are great at making you feel happy: can I suggest songs from the Jungle Book.

    • I love Bear Neccessities… that is on repeat in the car at the moment… pity i don’t have children, rolling up to a red light with that blaring makes me look super cool….

  3. Love your woolly birds, I too wondered if they were wedding favours because of the starting theme of this post…

  4. hey there my lovely little birdbrain! Sorry to hear you are having a downre with work – not long until the end of term. Those children are lucky to have you care about them x

    • That is so lovely of you to say. I had lots of cuddles from them today, they had missed me after my day off yesterday. Makes it worth while. 😀 xoxoxox

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