The Pigeon Weds: Scary Legal Stuff – An Idiot’s Guide to Getting Wed

Hello gorgeous faces,

Here is a little ranty vlog from me about what the bridal magazines DON’T tell you once you start skipping down this yellow brick road towards your wedding day. It isn’t all frocks and centrepieces apparently….I felt totally unprepared.

So here are a few terms explained…

Giving Notice – For a civil cermony, that is sort of like the banns being read in church. It gives anyone a chance to object to your wedding, you know…in case you are marrying your brother. You can do this up to 12 months before or as few as 15 days before your wedding…. 15 days is cutting it a bit fine though….

Registrar – The law folks who will marry you. You need to be nice to them. And apparently pay them bucket loads of cash. Factor this into your budget. Our registrar costs more than our reception venue. FACT.

In my home county, I had to pay to pre-book my registrar for our specified date and time. It took me almost a week to get through to the registry office in the first place so I booked it then and there over the phone for 33 whole English pounds and then emailed/called my venues to ask to PEN US IN.

Easy really, once I had stopped stressing my beak about it all….. but I really didn’t have the foggiest!

Anything you need clearing up after this rather rambling vlog and blog post? Anything I have missed?


5 responses to “The Pigeon Weds: Scary Legal Stuff – An Idiot’s Guide to Getting Wed

  1. My question after watching this is; how is your hair so lovely and SHINY?! Completely distracted me from your excellent useful wedding legalities advice; but as I am not getting married, I think shiny hair is more important to me right now.

    • Hehe! Well…it was clean!
      I am currently using TRESemmé Colour Protect Shampoo & Conditioner, and a weekly Coconut hair mask which is Boots own.
      I’m also using a Denham hair brush, which I am cleaning religously every week, due to the gunk-filled one I had to throw away a few months ago because I hadn’t cleaned it in 3 years. BLEURGH. Sometimes I seriously gross myself out.
      And now I have written an essay on my hair! 😀
      Hope that helps xoxox

      • Ooh coconut mask sounds yummy! May have to give one of those a go. Went for trainee-discount-special highlights yesterday (they’ve never failed me before- and I do love a 50%-off bargain!) but unfortunately she’s made my hair veeery stripy- I hope to either distract and/or blind people with the shininess of my locks so they don’t notice my zebra-headed state. xxx

  2. just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that i have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. any way i’ll be subscribing to your feed and i hope you post again soon

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