Thrifty Find: Cheap Vintage Tins

I ruddy love tins. I have a proper thing about them. Honestly, give me a box of ratty old tins that your gran had in her cupboard and I will love you forever.

I picked up these two beauties at the local carboot. £1 each. I had seen similar ones in a few vintage boutiques in Brighton retailing at about £5 each. Are you effing kinding me? For some old tins what had gravy in ’em? I don’t think so.

If the HTB had not had me on a short lease (he thinks we have enough tins… he is WRONG) I would have cleared the very lovely man out…. he had about 8 of them. I was only allowed to choose two.

I love the Java Tea one. Especially the fact it has pretty picture and hinges on the lid…I love me a good hinge.

Also I have found a new carboot buddy in the form of the lovely Olivia, who got married last year here. She loves them as much as I do, and us going together will allow our men to sleep and not trudge around a field with a face on.


Found any good finds recently? Or a good carboot buddy? Every girl needs one!

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8 responses to “Thrifty Find: Cheap Vintage Tins

  1. good thrifting, I am also a tin fan. I am doing a car boot at the weekend (if it doesn’t rain) with strict instructions not to come home home with more than I have sold!

  2. I have a lovely green Brook Bond tea tin (like this one which is (a) purdy and (b) v handy for storing odds n sods…. I can defo see the appeal in collecting them :p (don’t tell him I said that!)

  3. Those are awesome! I told my gran if she ever gets rid of her sugar/flour tins I wanted them!

  4. Love them! I have a tin hoarding problem, I can’t get enough and they are so cheap at thrifts 🙂

    • They are hot commodity over here at the mo, so every botique is selling them at silly prices. I may just go raid my Grandad’s cupboards… he is still using ones from the 60s!

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