Lasting Till Payday: Little Hints

Here are 5 little tips to help you eeeeek out that pay packet this month.

I enjoy Winston…. This is just a gratuitous panda shot…..

Using a sauce from a jar?

If cooking for two…Half it. Freeze one half of the sauce for another time. You don’t need a WHOLE jar for two people. It’ll stretch nicely for two meals…. silly people making big jars.

Waste water for plants

Remove your potatoes/veg/pasta from their cooking water using a slotted spoon, let the water cool and then water your plants with it. Yummy nitrates and avoiding wasting water, and save money by not using virgin drinking water for your house plants. (I don’t have a garden or a water butt… le sigh…that would be the dream…)

Turn off the lights

Have an evening by candlelight. Watching TV…do you need all the lights on too? Think about it….

Paper for your bum

Save your paper napkins from restaurants and cafes… I keep mine in a little basket by the loo for when toilet paper is running low and payday is a while away. It’s only for wiping your bum folks… come on…

Flick the Switch

Turn off your heating. Yes, if you have kids this is a one that you can’t really do easily if it is properly bitter outdoors.

We switched off our electric storage heaters in early February and despite having the shittest weather ever since then, we piled on jumpers, popped an extra blanket on the bed and embraced our hot water bottles, and we saved over £100 in the last quarter!

Do you already do any of these? What has been your experiences? Lemme know!

Want to know more about Winston? Because why wouldn’t you want to know more about a toy panda?

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11 responses to “Lasting Till Payday: Little Hints

  1. Great tips. Thank you!Its lunches and meals near pay day that get me!!xxx

  2. You have night storage heaters? The eat electricity don’t they, and for very little output. The one good thing about living in the brand new soulless box that we inhabit is that it’s energy rating is amazing. Nice change after years in freezing (but beautiful) period properties.

    • They suck. We only have electric heaters, two NS ones in the lving space, and one hot air blower in the bedroom and another in the office. We will actually wait unitl the electricity clicks over to cheap before we flick the bedroom ones on in dire circumstances.
      We have learnt a cup of tea half hour before bed warms you up sufficently without putting the heaters on, and you can pop some hot water into your water bottle!

  3. I have crappy storage heaters too cos I live in an old flat – i always wait until it changes to the cheaper night rate to put on the washing machine and then just hang the stuff up in the morning.


  4. you can make a lovely POT of tea for two with just one teabag and leave it to rest ofr a few mins rather than a the more common version of two bags hastily dunked into two mugs. Then you have TWCE as much tea – yay!

  5. dearwatsonblog

    i hate that the heat in my apartment cannot be turned off during the winter months. constant “false” heat plays havoc with my skin, hair and most importantly sleep. fortunately i am not required to pay for it but if i were it would be money wasted on something so unnecessary.

    p.s. you are here —->

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