A Craft Fair Virgin

Last Saturday I popped my sellers cherry, by packing up all my little makes and heading off to my very first craft fair.


As you can imagine I was ruddy terrified. Real people looking at my actual things and having an opinion in front of my face. How horrific.

I had practiced my table set up about a month ago, and I was pleased with the results seeing as it was my first one. It was a little cluttered on reflection, so I may put less out next time… it is just so tempting to fill every space, because everything is so different!

Once I arrived I realised I had left my bloomin’ dressmaking pins in my own personal hedgehog at home, so my hedgehogs had to be naked. Booooo to saucy naked hedgehogs.

My little Love Birds got a lot of attention, which was great. I adore making these little guys and I can’t wait to get these out to more people!

I sat and crocheted behind the table in my big hair bow, which got me a lot of passing comments due to being one of the youngest sellers there, and the attention of small children wanting to learn to crochet and chat to me about Disney (they spotted my wrist tattoo), which was very cute. I think creating on site was a great way for me to engage customers… it got them talking! Has anyone else found this?

Things to improve on next time

  • Swizzle my tablecloth the other way or sew some lengths of fabric onto the ends as it was a bit short width-ways once I had placed my homemade risers underneath.
  • Don’t forget my hedgehog pins… my hedgehogs looked like little crochet hamsters… cute but not to purpose!
  • Ensure all my bunting was ironed… some bits looked a bit creased from storage.
  • Lay my bunting out on a tray and hang more where possible.
  • Take a flask of tea and some things to munch… how on earth did I forget this?
  • Lay things out sparingly
  • Take a mirror for hair slide trying ons!

So crafters, or craft buyers… what can you suggest for my table for the next one?


16 responses to “A Craft Fair Virgin

  1. Looks great – get you with saucy naked hedgehogs! šŸ˜®

  2. Congrats on your first craft fair!

  3. Wow your stall looks amazing! I’d love to try sell some things at a craft fair one time!

  4. What a cute booth! Great job with it. It looks TONS better than my first booth (we won’t talk about that poor thing ;_;) Besides what you suggested already, maybe add some cute lights (like this: https://pinterest.com/pin/134615476331938585/). I think little lights just add something whimsical and special to a booth. d^____^b

  5. Congratulations on your first fair. Your stall looks fantastic. Not surprised your love birds got a lot of attention. They look so cute šŸ™‚

  6. Looks really cute!

    Which craft fair did you go to? I want to find some.

  7. I wasn’t. Thanks though!

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