The Pigeon Weds: Invites

Hello folks!

Another edition of wedding stuff! This time it is… INVITES.

Being a complete tightwads and DIY lovers, we weren’t willing to pay out for somebody to do something that we could easily do ourselves.

I mean, have you ever looked at wedding invite prices? They are extreme, especially when you are on a tighter than tight budget. A set of 60 daytime invites totals at about £100, for a basic type and fill in the blanks job. BORING…totally not us and way out of budget.

We needed 57 day invites and around 10 evening ones, but they also needed to be chock full of information including maps and places to stay. We also wanted them to reflect us, to be fun and most of all, tell people that we wanted them there.

Being the store whore that I am, I have been squirrelling away invites for years. Keep the ones with styles that I liked, fonts that I thought were pretty and ideas that needed clipping. We sat down together and talked through what we liked and what we didn’t like, and we finally came up with these.

They are a basic folded card, and the picture above shows two, so you can see the insides. He has pixellated the dates and places so we keep a little bit of privacy! 😀

I love how he has used our names in such a fun way…we get teased a lot for them in our friend group, so this was totally ‘us’ and a perfect way to invite people to the last time they will be able to joke about it!

I really cannot take credit for these. I wrote down what I wanted inside it, but he had full creative licence. I am so proud of him and of how these turned out!  I am so very lucky to have such a talented computer fiend for a HTB.

He used photoshop to create them and has posted his ‘How To’ on his blog, so you can pop over there to see more detailed piccies or you can use his methods to make your very own personalised invites!

Oh…and costing wise? ALL our invites cost us about £12. BOOOOOM!

So, what do you think?





21 responses to “The Pigeon Weds: Invites

  1. Oh my goodness!!!How so cheap?!The price of paper and ink?xx

  2. Ps,meant to say,i really like them!!!Good job!xxx

  3. These are brilliant. Bought invites are all very samey, these look very professional but as you say reflect your personalites in a way that bought ones never would. Well done to both of you!

  4. I think they’re fabulous! I made ours too – hours with handmade paper, glue & dried leaves….. yours looks like the easier route!

  5. Cool. Sophisticated fun and personal. Would have cost a fortune to buy. Well dine both of you x

  6. Very professional looking, great ‘How To’ on P’s site too . . . been over and had a nosey . . you BOTH done good! xx

  7. They look brilliant – I’m afraid the ones I make for myself will be a little more boring, but hopefully I’ll be able to make them pretty enough!

  8. They look fab – and so professional. Nice job!

  9. Love them, very stylish! Also – Sandy Balls? 😀

  10. My favourite part is that your invites say Sandy Balls on them.
    I actually stayed there once when I was little, and remember doing a decorate-your-own-baseball-cap kids activity afternoon. I painted flames on mine- like those black-shirts-with-flames-round-the-bottom that goth kids used to wear. Don’t think I could’ve gotten any more 90s if I’d tried….
    Lovely invites though- and much nicer doing them for yourselves 🙂 xxx

  11. They are great and the price is amazing – well done! Xx

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