Thrifty Find: Glass Cake Stands

I did a carboot with Miss Lauren a few weekends ago, and I spied two of these beauties on a neighbour’s stall, covered in dust and spiderwebs.

These are EXACTLY what I was looking for the wedding, and to stumble on them on a grotty car boot stall was a bit of a shock after spending weeks searching high and low for single tiered cake stands within our budget. We plan on having a cake competition, where our guests bring a cake to the reception be judged and then later munched for our pudding. I wanted to display the cakes at different heights spread along a trestle table, for that ‘village fete’ feel, but could I find sponge stands? Could I heck!

Finding these two has sparked my drive to find about 18 more. Car boots and jumble sales… beware!

And the best bit?

They were only £1 each…. that’s right… 1 blooooomin’ pound.

Hell yeah.


14 responses to “Thrifty Find: Glass Cake Stands

  1. Great finds!!!My mum gave me one the other day which has wavy edges,i actually prefer it to my modern pastel one from next!Ill keep my eye out in charity shops for you xxx

  2. Ps its always intrigued me with these cake competitions at weddings,what are the guests meant to do with the cake at the ceremony?xx

    • We have booked our reception venue the night before too, so I will be able to store most of them there overnight. As our wedding is a way away from the majority of our friends, then they are making a weekend of it!

  3. I love the idea of having a cake competition for the wedding! Filing that one away for if I ever find a man worth marrying. I always see these sorts of cake stands in charity shops etc, although obvs if you’re actually on the lookout I can imagine why you won’t have found any!

  4. Niiiice! And bargains too – sweet!

  5. Such a lovely idea for a wedding! I think I’ll adapt it for my own.. if you don’t mind of course 🙂

    • Of course! Go for it! For me it was a thrifty way for us to do pudding and also I really wanted people to feel involved and part of the wedding. Bring a cake seemed the easiest way! 😀

      • Thank you! Definitely, it’s a lovely idea. I think I might incorporate mine into the hen do as I’m really not one for a heavy night out! We’ll see when it gets closer 🙂

  6. Well done on the thriftiness of cake stand finds 🙂 If you run out of time to hunt all of them down, I have three that I’m happy to lend you; a glass one with dome, red translucent plastic one with dome and a plain white one- all big enough for large cakes xx

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