My Skincare Routine

We had a chat recently about the state of the skin stretched on my face and the sad fact that I haven’t had a day of clear skin for the past 13 years. Yes…I am well aware of how much it sucks.

I have, for the past month and a half, embarked on a new skincare routine that seems to be battling that and giving me the skin I always wanted.

My acne scars are fading and I am having less breakouts, which of course makes me feel more confident of wearing less slap, which helps my skin and therefore breaking the cycle!

I think the fact that I am actually sticking to a routine is helping me. In the past I would only do my skincare routine during the week, because it was part of my ‘going to work’ routine, but now I am being super good and doing it every day, including duvet days.

I always thought I had oily skin, because I had so many spots, so I have always used ‘for oily skin’ products. I now have been using a lot more products for normal skin, which seems to be working, because my skin is actually getting some moisture!

Day Routine

Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser, Champney’s Toner & Superdrug’s Deep Action Shine Control Moisturiser.

Cleanse – Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser

This little tube came in my She Said Beauty box and I am actually in love with it. You need the tiniest amount, I only use about half a pea sized amount each morning. You rub it over a moist face, and then rinse it off and my skin has loved this. I love this product so much that I have actually purchsed the big tub costing £29. Ok…it didn’t actually cost me £29 because I am canny and found a cheeky discount code that got me 30% off. I am going to keep my small tube for travelling as the big one is a bit epic!

ToneChampney’s Gentle Conditioning Toner

I got this as a gift from a work colleague who had a glut after christmas, alongside a cream cleanser and moisturisers, the latter I have already finished. This is a basic product for me that I don’t really even think about. It works and for a HUGE bottle it is £7. I decant it into a smaller spray bottle and I am not even a third of the way through it. Good times.

MoisturiseSuperdrug’s Deep Action Shine Control Moisturiser

Bum’oles… I can’t find the link for this for Superdrug online, but it was in store last month so I hope it is still there! I love this moisturiser. As well as mosturising and keeping me shine free,  it is anti-bacterial too, which for me is great because I am a habitual face toucher. It also feels clean… like minty fresh… I describe it to the HTB as Airwaves for your face. Uh-mazing.

Night Routine

Champney’s Conditioning Cleansing Milk, Superdrug’s Vit E Hot Cloth Cleanser, Body Shop Vit E Face Mist, Bio-Oil, Superdrug’s Tea Tree Moisturiser & Moa Balm

WOW…. I use a LOT of shit in the evenings…. Ok… here is what, when and why.

Cleanse Champney’s Conditioning Cleansing Milk

I use this on a cotton pad to get rid of most of my make-up before I use my other cleanser. I only am using this particular product because I got it as a gift, and honestly it hasn’t jumped out as something worth £7, unlike the toner. I have at least 2 or 3 other cream/milk cleansers that need using up after this one and then I will probably get a basic budget milk cleanser to do the job. Wham, Bam, clean my face Ma’am.

Cleanse – Superdrug’s Vit E Hot Cloth Cleanser

I cannot tell you how much I want to snog A Thrifty Mrs‘s face off for suggesting this for me. I tweeted asking for a new cleanser suggestions after me and Moa Balm fell out as a cleanser, and she was straight on it, telling me what she uses. Miss Lauren has told me how wonderful Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish is, but it is out of my price range, and this Vit E Hot Cloth Cleanser is a wonderful dupe, at only £5.99, with a cloth. BOOM. I use this after removing the majority of my make-up to cleanse my actual skin. I will be repurchasing this, because it works and it smells lush too.

ToneBody Shop Vitamin E Face Mist

I love the smell of this and I love spraying a bit of moisture straight onto my face before bedtime. It probably doesn’t help my skin, but it calms me down. I will be adding this to my birthday list, because it makes happy and skincare should make you happy. FACT.

Moisturise – Bio-Oil

I use a drop of Bio-Oil around my eyes straight after my face mist, and then gently massage it in, before I use it on my body. I have already gushed about how much I love the smell of Bio-Oil, so using it on my face was never a tricky decision. I have thought about maybe using Re-Gen cream instead, but using the oil in my night routine reminds me to use it on my body!

Moisturise – Superdrug’s Tea Tree Moisturiser 

Again, another anti-bacterial style moisturiser for night time. I sleep with my hand under my face so it is something I need. I like the foundation style pump on this, it means I can control how much I use and it keeps my grubby hands out the tub.

Moa Balm

Now we fell out as cleanser partners because it began to dry out my eyelids, but I still cannot deny it works on any spots I have. If I feel any bumps under my skin I pop a little bit of this on it overnight and more often than not it is gone or reduced by morning. AMAZEBALLS.


Have you done a similar post? Let me know and leave me a comment about your favourite skincare products that are in your daily routines!


2 responses to “My Skincare Routine

  1. Fantastic blog, some great tips and I shall be down to Superdrig this weekend! I also have oily skin and about two years ago started using nice rich creams that made my skin look so much better, but with the warm weather I’m struggling to get a non-shine balance as I love my make up too!

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