Lasting Till Payday: A Killer Night In


Now, I can’t lie. Even though I spend most of my evenings happily curled up on the sofa with my crochet hooks, sometimes a night out is really needed. I want to dress up, feel good, eat some great food and quaff a serious amount of yummy drinks.

But what happens when your bank balance is seriously low?

Party at home of course!

As a group, our friends have gone a little mad for Murder Mystery parties at the moment. We have had 3 within 3 months… can anyone else say addicted?!

I have found it is a great way to get all together, have some dinner, glug some wine and have a good laugh. Throw in some silly costumes, a few fake tashes, some dodgy accents and you have a pretty hilarious evening.

When we hosted, it only cost us £25. I did nibbles, a main and pud for 8 people, and our guests brought the drinks….. and the fake tashes.

We found our Murder Mystery kit for 99p in a charity shop. Of course, there were only a few invites left and some of the place names look a bit naff, but the party booklets were in tact, and all it took was for P to work some computer magic and we had invites, place cards and menus galore!

The fact that we rotated the hosting has also meant we have had two more nights out, where we have just taken along bottles of booze we had in the house. A free night out if you will.

The Murder Mystery part of the evening lasts about an hour or two, dependant on how quickly you work your way through it. So throw in a few silly party games, like ‘the ever-shortening cereal box’ and ‘getting through the rope in a pair’ and you have an evening full of hilarity right there!

£25 still seem a bit steep for your wallet? How about asking your guests to bring something for the table? That way you split the food costs between all of you, making it even more of a bargain night in.

We spend the remainder of the night behaving like we were still at Uni. Sometimes, the best parties are like the ones you had when adulthood  was all new. Sitting around playing drinking games and getting to know your friends all over again.

So how do you party when your money is tight?



8 responses to “Lasting Till Payday: A Killer Night In

  1. Awhh looks like such a great time!can u be my friends?!xx

  2. Hahaha what is going on in the fourth photo?! Looks hilarious! xxx

    • That is the ever shortening cereal box game. You have to pick up a cereal box with just your mouth, and only your feet touching the floor. And it gets shorter every round until there is a winner! 😀

  3. What a brilliant laugh! I used to do this a bit back in the day, am defintely going to reinstate it. Thanks for the inspiration! x x x x x

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