What on earth is in my bag? [Update August 2012]

I did this post bloody yonks ago and I recently saw it has been in my most viewed list quite a lot, so I thought I would do an update!

The bag I used last time has gone to the big closet in the sky, meaning there has been a few changes. My new bag is smaller, meaning I had to streamline even more!

Bag – My gorgeous Fox bag. I got mine from eBay months ago, but Matalan now does them too. I have Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter to thank for this beauty.

Contents [L-R, top to bottom]

Purse – The same one from before. It’s from Primark, probably about 5 years ago.  It’s probably time for a new one. I do have a gorgeous owl one I use as a coin purse for taking my coppers to the shops to feed in the self-serve tills.

Filofax – Again, same as before, and still just as handy. It’s from Paperchase and I love the pattern and the wipe downability. My Monkey World pen is nearly completely bare now as the pattern has been rubbing away, but the ink is still going strong, so why replace it? Unless anyone wants to buy me a nice fancy clicky top pen?

Wedding Planning – This folded lined piece of paper is cleverly disguised wedding planning. I do have a wedding notebook before you all sigh and tut at me, but it is too big for this bag! This piece of paper currently has an ongoing list of songs on it that I would like played at the wedding.

Mischa Barton Luscious Lips Lip Protector – I hoiked this out of my She Said Beauty box a few months ago and it seems to have set up shop in my bag. I like twisty lids, like I like clicky tops…a lot. It is quite moisturising, has a slight glittery sheen and it smells pleasant. It is also not too sticky which is a P requirement, as he hates sticky stuff on my lips. It is a bit expensive for what it is, but isn’t that always the case with celeb stuff? Have a looksie here.

Nail file in case – Same as before. I love my nail file case. I know… I have problems. It was from Primark AGES ago now, but they may still do them. Have a nose.

Pen – For scribbling important notes or songs down.

My Business cards in shiny case – Oooooooo! I have business cards… check me out right?

W7 The Big Five Lip Gloss in Pink Shimmer – Now it took me a while to rack my brains and remember where on earth I had got this from. I can only conclude it was was popped in a goodie bag from an event. It smells delicious and is suitably sticky to be rebuffed from a kiss with P. These are under £2. I am tempted to sit and smell it all day….yum yum yum.

Phone – My little Samsung. He does alright for a barely smartphone.


If you have done a similar post, say hello & whack a link in the comment box… because I am proper nosy!

What on earth is in your bag?


4 responses to “What on earth is in my bag? [Update August 2012]

  1. Yikes – my bag is Ha-uge and is pretty much full of all sorts of cr*p! Pretty much everything except the kitchen sink, notepads, water spritz bottle, smellies (current perfume that Im into), first aid kit (nail glue, paracetamol, tea tree oil cream, asthma inhailer, rescue remedy, throat pastiles, rennies, small comb and mirror), lots of pens, small leatherman tool, small screwdriver set, purse (crammed full or reciepts), sunglasses, work pass, car keys, house keys, mobil phone, diary, mints, folded up shopper (home made).
    This is the bag I take to work each day. At the weekend I use a small back pack and just have the minimum, phone, purse, keys.
    Id really hate to think how much more Id be carting around if I had kids!!!

    • Blimey! That’s a LOT of stuff. I know that if I had a bigger bag I would fill it.
      My house keys actually barely go in my bag, they hang on a hook by our front door, and then they live on my desk at work!

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