My Daily Face [Update August 2012]

I couldn’t help myself… I updated my ‘What’s in my bag‘ post and now I just have to do my make-up bag. If I didn’t it would be like leaving a job half done. And that would be a FAIL.

So I blogged in January about my make-up bag and what I was using daily on my face.

Now it is August, and things have changed.

I am still using the same case as in the last post, and I don’t love it any less, but I am storing my make-up out of my case less and less at the moment. I am probably just getting lazier or my dressing table storage is actually functioning!


BB Cream/Foundation

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream, Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream in Light and Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in shade 51 Light Vanilla.

Now…of course I don’t wear these all at once! It just so happens for once in my life I have managed to find 3 products light enough for my ghost face!

I use one of these, dependant on how I’m feeling, what my skin is doing and what the weather is like. I am applying my make up a little less liberally at the moment; firstly because my skin is singing after I have really nailed down a skincare routine that is finally working for me, secondly because of this post that Miss Lauren wrote that really got me thinking about how you use base and thirdly, the less I use, the longer it lasts, the less money I spend each year on cosmetics. Hurrah!

NW15 MAC Studio Finish Concealer

I love this product. It works and it is pale enough. BOOM.

ELF Eyelid Primer in Sheer

This bad boy works. I have large creasey prone eyelids and this sets ’em good. And it is cheap as bloody chips. Kapow!

Collection 2000 Pressed Powder in Shade 18 Ivory

What can I say? You can see the pan, a proven fact that I use this daily just to set my coverage. Again, under £2, but does the job. so why would you pay anymore?

Dainty Doll Blusher in Shade 003 Money Talks

This was a pressie from Miss Lauren, and I love it. You don’t need a lot of product so this is lasting and lasting! I have used this daily since Christmas and it barely has a dip in it! Perfect for pasties, made by pale lass Nicola Roberts.

MUA Eyeliner with Lid Sharpener in Jet Black

Now I really regret using the sharpener on this eyeliner. Yes it was a great idea in theory, but once you sharpen the damn thing you get the sharpening residue all in your bag as it wipes off the blade. NOT NICE. Decent eyeliner for the pennies I paid for it in Superdrug, but probably will try to avoid the useless sharpener next time.

Miners Love Phat Lines Chubby Eye Pencil in Bandit

This went straight from my She Said Beauty Box to my make up case. I love pencil eyeliners…I don’t do gel or painting ’em on. I like my smudgy kohl pencil eyeliners and this one is not too shabby. It is just what it says on the tin, nice and chubby, one flick and I am ready! Also the lid is snug, meaning it keeps all the smudgy mess off everything else and it makes a very satisfying pop when you remove it.

ELF Eyebrow Kit in Dark

I had a bit of a fail with this kit orginally… if you see my ELF haul vlog you can see the realisation on my face of how stupid I was when I bought it in Light. I was thinking skin tone and not hair colour *facepalms*. I have now repurchased in dark, and I love it even more than I did before. I find this kit so much easier than using a brush pen or pencil now, that I doubt I will go back!

Eyelash curlers

Same as before, nothing special!

Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara

This is a freebie from a magazine that I am trying out to see if I will want to repurchase my favourite but very expensive Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara, or if something else will do the job. There is only £2 difference but you always have to keep your options open! Benefit mascara doesn’t tend to flake on me, which my face and I highly appreciate.


So… that’s it! That is what I am using on my face at the moment. It feels like it has taken days to write this, but in all truthfulness it only take me about 8 minutes to put my full work face on!

Have you tried anything that I am using? What did you think?


3 responses to “My Daily Face [Update August 2012]

  1. Ooh I really want to try the Dainty Doll blush it looks beautiful xxx

  2. Clicked onto you because of your great name, love pigeons:) Fab post!

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