Off on my hols!

Hello lovelies!

I am off on my holidays to Colombia for two weeks as of the crack of dawn Tuesday morning! An odd choice of destination some of you may think, but my gorgeous sister-in-law hails from there, and we shall be attending a wedding blessing for her and P’s brother, as they wed here in England, meaning the majority of her family missed out on the celebrations.

But don’t fret, even though the shop is shut, the blog will still be blogging! I have scheduled some lovely ‘happy-themed’ blog posts from myself and a few gorgeous folks to keep you going and to hopefully keep you smiling!

Much love and sunburn


3 responses to “Off on my hols!

  1. Have a lovely time on your state-side break! I hope you and P get to relax, eat lots of good food, and get bumped up to first class flights for free just for being so damn witty. Fingers crossed! xxx

  2. Oo have a lovely time. The hubster and I sponsor a child in Columbia and going to meet her at the project is on our “bucket list”. We will have to wait til our lil Dudes are a bit bigger though. Enjoy and can’t wait to see your holiday snaps x

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