A Guest Post – Andrea from Love Is…

Hi you gorgeous lot!
As I may or may not have mentioned about a thousand times I am away in fair Colombia for 2 weeks. So the blog is going to be peppered with some fit faces who are guest posting and some scheduled posts from meeeee! Let’s start with the ever so lovely Andrea from Love is…
Hey there! I’m Andrea from Love is…
I was so happy Bex asked me to help her out while she’s out of commission & the topic she gave was great! Things that make you happy. Who doesn’t like to sit down & think of that? So here we go!

Books, books & more books. They are something that can always put a smile on my face. The best is when you get transported away & are totally engrossed in what you’re reading. I love it.

Blogging. Need I say more? = )

Doing a little DIY! These are just some of the DIY projects we did for our wedding. I love getting my craft on & seeing what I can come up with. And it’s even better when others like it too!

Moose. I can’t explain this one, they just make me happy. Such beautiful animals.

Music. Any genre, I probably like it. Music can always bring me to my happy place.

Thanks again for having me Bex, it was fun! = )

You are so welcome Andrea! I loved seeing what makes you happy. I have to confess DIY and Music are very high up on my list!
Please please pop over and see Andrea over on her blog Love is… , she is bloomin’ marvellous.

3 responses to “A Guest Post – Andrea from Love Is…

  1. Great post! Mooses are such cool animals!

  2. Hey Andrea, welcome. Love your post, know what you mean about reading – its my guilty pleasure :o). Some people say Religioin is escapisim, if thats the case then Reading is my religion!

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