Thrifty Find: Grandad Pigeon’s Open All Hours

Hello gorgeous faces! How are you enjoying my fortnight of happiness?

Now we all know that thrifty things make me flippin’ ecstatic, but there is something that makes me even more Cheshire cat faced.

An ‘Open All Hours’.

What is an ‘Open All Hours’? An ‘Open All Hours’ is a Pigeon family tradition that spans generations, with the name referring to the BBC comedy ‘Open All Hours’ starring Ronnie Barker, about a corner shop.

An ‘Open All Hours’ is a place in your home where you store excess amounts of ‘things that might come in handy’ or ‘excess amounts of tinned and packet goods’. It is a place to find treasures and yummy things on a Sunday after 4pm, when the shops are shut. If there was ever a food shortage, the Pigeon family would be alright for months, and trust me… I do not exaggerate.

You know the massive hoards that the Extreme Couponing folks have in their homes? Epic Open All Hours! A double reason why I LOVE that show.

So we visited Grandpa Pigeon on route to Papa Pigeon a few weeks ago, and I got to rummage in his ‘Open All Hours’, before he served us rabbit stew, followed by crumble.


I love this vintage hand luggage. Grandad Pigeon has piles of these, and I took this one knowing it would be perfect for containing the growing pile of fabrics that are trailing around the P’s cave…. I love the red lining. It took a little bit of polish and elbow grease to get the outside looking like new but it was worth it!

A metal tray. This is a bit grubby in the picture, but using a bit of Bicarbonate of Soda I have polished it up a treat. I love the etched in design.

Now this handy little contraption is a cake plate handle. Uh-maz-ing right?

It fits on small side plates and dinner plates like this one above. LOVE IT!

And finally an old set of Happy Families cards. I love card games. My happiest memories are of staying with Grandad & Granny Pigeon, playing cards over supper after a long day of adventures, before skipping off to bed. What a perfect way to end the day.

They are really grotesque characters too, which I really like!

Good hoard… at no cost. Hurrah for Open All Hours and for fabulous Grandparents! P was very upset that I said no to the sword… a fricking sword… and a large wooden parrot. Maybe another day…

I cannot wait till we have more space so we can have our own Open All Hours and continue the family tradition. I always worried that the man in my life would not understand the appeal of having a cave of wonder stocked to the brim of food and mystery items, but P seems to quite enjoy the idea.


Any weird family hoarding traditions with your lot? The Pigeon family is fricking mental… FACT


2 responses to “Thrifty Find: Grandad Pigeon’s Open All Hours

  1. Loving the free hoard – I wish I had a place to go for vintage cases! Also the ‘open all hours’ is a genius idea…I shall now go off to find my corner and start my own.
    If there is ever an apocalypse – my family will be well washed (granny mabel&bean has an unnatural amount of bathroom products) 🙂

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