How To: Pack for 2 weeks in a Carry-On!

Hi beautiful faces,

Today I am going to show you (by the power of video!) how I have packed for my 2 week holiday in just a carry-on case.

I used to travel all the over the country quite a lot, so I got used to packing light. In fact, when I first stayed with P for the weekend he was shocked at how small my ‘luggage’ was….. I just had one of my biggest shoulder bags stuffed full.

Epic… I know.

So remember Research, Plan Your Outfits, Save Space and Pack Smart.

Top Tips

Make your clothes work hard. Choose pieces that you can repeatedly wear (and wash) with other things so you don’t feel like a cartoon character (wearing the same thing over and over).

Wear your chunky knit & jeans on the plane. You can always take them off when you take off, and put them back on again when you land. No fuss.

Use socks and knickers to fill every nook and cranny in your case.

Make decanting a habit. Don’t take big tubes or pots of stuff when you can take a smaller amount in some tupperware, saving yourself loads of space and backache!

Wash on the road. Undies don’t take long to wash or dry, why take 14 when you can take 6? You can even wash them whilst you are having a shower… bonus.

Packing Inventory

x4 Bottoms (x2 jeans (1 blue, 1 mustard), x1 Khaki Shorts, x1 Skirt – which also doubles as a top)
x2 Evening tops (x1 black off the shoulder batwing, x1 peach weave number)
x3 Day Tops (Basic white tee, navy tee & a white cotton shirt)
x3 Vests (Stone racer back, white vest & black vest – one of these will double as a jammie top too)
x2 Dresses (Blue jersey Maxi, Black Dip Hemmed)
x2 Pairs of socks (one pair of trainer socks, one thick pair)
x2 Scarves (x1 pattern, x1 white plain)
x4 Pairs of Shoes (Plimsolls, Leopard Print pumps, Black Ballet pumps and flipflops)
x2 bras (x1 white, x1 coloured)
x2 Towels (Microfibre)
x6 Pairs of Underwear
x1 Bikini
x2 Cardigans (x1 chunky, x1 fine)
x3 belts (x1 regular, 1 cinch, 1 skinny)
A small tupperware container of jewellery
Wash Kit
Make Up Bag
Travel Wash Gel
Travel Documents & Tickets

Do you have any top tips for travelling light?


14 responses to “How To: Pack for 2 weeks in a Carry-On!

  1. Reblogged this on Lady Light Travel and commented:
    I just wanted to alert everyone to a very nice blog post on traveling with just a carry on bag. The author includes several nice details for being successful. She even manages to do it with a smaller rolling carry on!

    I usually bundle wrap my clothes instead of just laying them in the bag. I also wouldn’t take 4 pairs of shoes – although ballet flats are a nice light weight way to get in extra shoes.

    Well done!

  2. This is very similar to my standard packing list 🙂 – so yay for you! I can do it with two pairs of shoes, and don’t take jeans – this frees up tons of room for books, shopping etc!

    Thanks for posting!

  3. I watched this video again, and I must say that this is by far the best video for women that want to travel with only hand luggage. You have covered all of the points, and done it in a very clear manner. I think I need to add it to my “favorites”!

  4. Lots of comments:
    First, I like the idea of ‘decanting’ big bottles into small ones for home use.
    Second, what do you mean by ‘vests’? tank-top shirts? Or something like woolen vests? (slipovers?)
    Third, the tupperware is an excellent idea. I will be doing that in the future.
    Finally, thanks for the video. It was instructive.

    • Hi Jora! Thanks for stopping by!
      By vests I mean tank-top shirts… darn lingo being changed. Shirts in the UK means a men’s button up! 😀
      Glad it was helpful!

  5. No offense but you still have too much stuff for only two weeks. Only need 1 pr jeans, 1 dress. 1/2 as many toiletries, 1/2 as much makeup. Smaller suitcase. What is it with these wheelie bags????? Why are they so popular? Also a softsided bag would fit easier into the overhead area. I didn’t understand why you put your cleanser into a giant tupperware container then you held up a body shop container that would have held your cleanser just fine and it was way smaller. I am fortunate in that I don’t wear jewelry so that is never a concern for me. If I did wear jewelry I would use the same chain and earrings for the entire trip and just wear them-no need to pack any then.Good tip about the belts. Otherwise great video and great effort. It’s always harder for us girls!

    • What I didn’t mention on the vlog was that I was also going to a wedding over there. I had a lot of ‘events’ (meeting family etc) in the week before the wedding. It may seem loads to you, but I honestly wore everything, what with changing to go out most evenings. On hindsight I did pack too much cleanser, I was using it for months of out that tub, but would have needed more than the body shop tub! I guess it depends on how often you wear make up on holiday. I wore it less often than I thought as it was really hot in Santa Marta. Thanks for popping by!

  6. how much does your case weigh packed like that? great visual by the way!

  7. Really enjoyed viewing your video and reading this blog. Hubby and I are going on a 7 night all inclusive resort trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico (40th Anniversary!). I’d love to just have carry on bags. We have one wheeled carry on size bag. I’ve been debating on what other bag(s) we need? Any suggestions on what brand, style to look for (I’m in Texas). Also, you mentioned carrying on a large tote I believe. How big? What was in it? THANKS!

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